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hi, we just did a VH hc for my tank pants (the only thing i was missing) with my tank and i clearly stated to all that i wanted that pants becaus a dps dk called "Wyrmkeeper" was also there and i told him , if the tank pants drops do not need on it...its the ONLY reason i queed up for VH..  finaly after days of doing it , the pants drops and yes.. he needs and wins offcourse..


tanks are in short supply already so if ppl start ninjalooting our gear to. why bother? .... i have multiple ppl who seen him need and can also back me up that i said i really needed the tank pants, as im the tank i think i was in my right to be first on this roll and i see this as pure ninja looting ..

so ==== pls the guy is = wyrmkeeper from serenity

ppl with us,  - healtrick - priest & thalia - sham. ty


my tanks name is "pantzerboy"


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