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Ban Appeal

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Account/Character Name:Telioz/Telioz
When you discovered that you are banned?:24.06.2019(I was playing and got DC'ed,saw I was banned afterwards)
Ban Reason (Ask GM for reason before posting appeal):Fishing bot
Your explanation: I do not use fishing bot. As stupid as it may sound,I do not even know how to use a bot or what it even looks like. I was playing,I was even typing in the world chat when I got banned. I do not know how you could consider I was using it. Maybe because of me spamming my fishing instead of waiting the full 17 seconds. That is just what I do from recently because I thought it was faster than waiting the 17 seconds. Sorry if it looked like I was using a bot.
Proof of innocence (If you have any): I do not know what proof to present.

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Greetings Telioz 

we unbanned your account but we will monitor it. 


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