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|| Staff Tasks & Responsibilities ||

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If you've got an issue and are unsure who to contact, this list should help you identify the person that can most help you:


Hurii, Marcielo:

  • Core updates
  • Fixes to any and all bugs
  • Website administration
  • Implementing content updates
  • Ad support

Head Game Master / Forum & DIscord Administrator


  • Lead the Game Master team
  • Train new Game Masters
  • In-game event host
  • Handle in-game tickets
  • Handle abuse reports
  • Handle ban appeals
  • GM Admin Panel and documentation (development & administration)
  • Set punishments for breaking the rules
  • Forum & DIscord administration
  • Discord bots

Game Masters:

Alia, Bordoo, Shepherd, Jack, Nurelion, Pudge:

  • In-game event host
  • Handle in-game tickets
  • Handle abuse reports

Alia's additional responsibilities:

  • Scout Master
  • Donation issues & donation payment options management
  • Ad support

Project Manager:


  • Player-staff liaison
  • Writing news posts and answering every question imaginable
  • Forum moderation
  • Overseeing the availability of options in the Omega System and Donation Shop
  • Community Challenges Czar
  • Announcing various systems to complement the base game (weekly events, PvP incentives, Community Challenges, Omega System)
  • Discord & forum moderation

Community Managers:


  • Romanian & Italian community management
  • Translation from English to Romanian & Italian
  • Forum & Discord moderation
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