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Changelog - Updated 05.06.2019

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- Fix crash when spectator is entering arena from outdoor pvp zone. 
- Fix blood pool position in Blood is Thicker quest.
- Fix Seaforium Depth Charge sometimes failing because of combat (Bury those Cockroaches quest).
- Roanauk Icemist script corrections (shouldn't get stuck randomly).
- Players will auto attack when they have queued heroic strike/cleave and not enough rage for it.
- Vesperon aura (Twilight Torment) won't target pets.
- Explosive Trap damage won't be updated dynamically.
- Conflagrate delay reduced.
- Corrections to threat generated by Replenishment and Innervate.
- Properly update player data on restore.
- Corrections to chain pulling.
- Another try to fix arena frames
- Razorgore script rewrite.
- Fix Illidan elementals going crazy.
- Fix event after 'The Love Potion' quest.
- Fix for dissapearing pets.
- Fix Savagery proccing on other spells than Savage Rend.
- Fix Glyph of Scourge strike not refreshing all three diseases sometimes.
- Correct spawns for "The Echo of Ymiron" quest.
- Add missing Stormjewel drop from fishing bags.
- Fix RaF mob xp when one person dies.
- Fix deleting two items in same slot when new one appears after deleting first one.

- Savage Weapons have been introduced into the game. They will cost 68k honor and have no rating requirement. We hope this will function as catch-up gear for those who haven't yet started PvP-ing due to the gear barrier set up by Blizzard's archaic system.
- Deadly Weapons have be re-introduced into the game. They will cost 16,800 honor and 475 arena points, with no rating required.
- Furious Back slot items require no arena rating and cost 60k honor.
- Furious Chests rating reduced by 50 points.
- Furious Helms rating reduced by 50 points and cost reduced by 150 arena points.
- Furious Legs rating reduced by 100 points.
- Furious Boots rating reduced by 100 points.
- Furious Rings require no arena rating and cost 52k honor.
- Furious Gloves rating reduced by 200 points.
- Furious Neck items require no arena rating and cost 49,600 honor.
- Furious Wands, Idols, Librams, Sigils, Totems and Thrown cost 12k honor, 700 arena points, and have had their rating reduced to 1350.
- Furious Belts require 50 less arena rating, and cost 39400 honor.
- Furious Bracers require no rating, and cost 43330 honor.

Any other items not mentioned above have not had any changes done to them.

The current rating curve now looks as such:

- Cloak, Ring, Necklace, Bracers: 0
- Thrown, Wands, Librams, Totems, Sigils, Idols: 1350
- Hands, Feet, Waist: 1400
- Legs: 1600
- Chest: 1700
- Head: 1850
- T1 Weapons: 1850 (unchanged)
- Shoulders: 2050 (unchanged)
- T2 Weapons: 2350 (unchanged)


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