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Crossfaction algorithm suggestion.

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Hello there, hopefully omegawow staff

Goal for battlegrounds would be to try reach 50% chance of victory for every bg QUE.

I believe that would require algorithm to treat every que member as neutral.
Premades go together otherwise there is 50-50 chance to fight against your faction in each battleground.


Current example, 9 allies 1 horde in que = 4+5 vs 5


Suggested example:

5 allies 5 hordes = (3+2) vs (2+3) Mixed teams

Might sound a bit abstract but would prevent current battleground pvp issues and would be a real crossfaction battleground.
So far i find it fair since there are plenty of disbalances like one in attaches picture. Occours around 25% of time at least.

result of crossfaction.png

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