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Gold Seller Problematic Vol.2

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Even though restrictions managed to cut a big portion of gold sellers, it became an annoying issue again. I am getting a message every time when I log in. I suggest binding the whispering privilege to labor, for instance, restricting it until 30 or 40 levels and make available when two people added a friend to each other. This could solve the problem at least until a better suggestion derived. 

To eliminate downsides of communicating the potential of whisper; create a community guild that people join with a command for each faction this will help for organizing low levels for rdfs, questing, etc. 

Other than that statistically, if the low-level person whispering to the high level that he/she do not know it is mostly because of begging or gold selling.

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I volunteer to be a GM with very limited powers. I often see the same guy whispering for hours on end.

If I and a few other could apply just account silences immediately, then list report the names here on the forum for account bans, that would be enough.

As for the above suggestion, yes. No low level player who is not a guild member or friend or grouped typically needs to be whispering a high level player. The only circumstances that readily spring to mind for genuine whispering from lowbies to higher levels is people requesting Mage portals and they can ask for them in open channels.

Also I do not know exactly what the current policy is, but I feel a zero tolerance approach to anyone buying gold - i.e. an immediate and permanent ban, and a regular message on login that replaces the "Hackers will be Torched" with a "Hacking and Buying Gold will lead to immediate Ban" would deter all but the most stupid.

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