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Do I really need to (re)introduce myself?

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Hi guys!

So, OmegaWoW crossed my mind today.
Googled it and found out that you guys are running a server again.

I spend a LARGE amount of my youth on this server, met some people IRL that were playing on here.
Started playing just before the BC release, still remember running through the portal when it was buggy as hell. 
Even went lasergaming with a part of the community, the man himself Maestro and his minions.
Enjoyed talking to everyone on Ventrilo and still remember the loud burping of Maestro like it was yesterday.

I could not resist posting on here as I saw more and more known names that I played with before.
So I don't want to spoil the fun yet and want to let you guys guess who I might be 🙂

Ps. I left a small hint in my post.
Ps2. My account name is totally different than the name I previously used 😉


Now I know that these forum admins/Maestro can reveal my name through my profile in some way, don't spoil the fun just yet please 😉

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