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|| Frequently Asked Questions ||


1. I can't login, help!
First be sure you check this topic: (LLINKINK TO DIFFERENT TOPIC FOCUED ON LOGIN ISSUES)
2. I get "Your account has been Temporarily Suspended/Perma suspended"
This means that you have been banned. Log on http://logon.omegawow.eu/trinity/omegapanel/ , where you will see the reason you have been banned. If you believe your ban is unfair, feel free to post an appeal in the 'Ban Appeal' section of the forum. Please read how to do so properly before you post. (Note: If you have been banned by Warden, there is no way to appeal your ban.)
3. I can't login on my character, it says that the account is not valid
You must remember if you don't log in on your account from time to time, it could get deleted (after 3 months of inactivity your account gets automatically deleted)
4. How i can get my account back if it was deleted?
There is no way to get your account back if it was automatically deleted by the server.
5. I got scammed!
OmegaWoW doesn't support account trading, having other people donate for you etc. thus you will not get any help if you are victim of scamming, your account & stuff are your responsibility.
Check point 2.
7. Is the server down?
Checthis page (link), on the right side under the 'server stats' bar, if the uptime stats show '0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes' then the server either crashed or is under maintenance. It should be back up soon. If the server does not restart itself in a matter of minutes, check the forum for more information.
8. I forgot my password!
Go othis page (link) and write in your details. An e-mail with a new password will be send to your e-mail address.
9. I didn't use my e-mail when creating my account/I forgot my e-mail password/name!
Then there is nothing we can do for you.
10. I'm trying to log in but when I do it keeps trying to update the game!
You must log in with your account name, not your account e-mail.

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