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|| State of PvP: Part One ||

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As we all know, PvP is still not doing great. Most of the PvPers are on Alliance, with the Horde showing little participation in PvP activities.


For that, we are taking the first 3 steps (in a long list of steps) to promote PvP activity.


Step 1: Restricted transfers from Alliance to Horde

We will enable transfers from Alliance to Horde for select people who wish to do so. The requirement is simple:

- Have over 2000 honorable kills.

Make sure to mention you're doing a "PVP TRANSFER" in your ticket or you won't be transferred.


Step 2: Reduce Omega Point prices of Transmogrification tokens when PvP activity increases to a healthy level

Currently, the tokens are priced as follows:

- Armor token: 20 Omega Points

- Weapon token: 45 Omega Points


Once we have determined PvP is stable enough to provide healthy competition, the prices will be reduced as follows:

- Armor token: 15 Omega Points

- Weapon token: 40 Omega Points


Step 3: Wintergrasp Attendance Cap

Wintergrasp will only allow a maximum of 60 people on each faction during the battle.


Step 4: Cross-faction Battlegrounds

Cross-faction battlegrounds will become active Friday morning. Please report any potential bugs you might find. We will be monitoring Horde activity in those Battlegrounds to see if it spikes up with this change.


Step 5: Omega Points Temp. Boost

Fifth arena win of the day will offer 5 Omega Points (was 2).

First Battleground win of the day will offer 4 Omega Points (was 2).


Once we see the effect of these steps, we will move on to further changes to promote PvP depending on need. We also have something planned to increase arena activity.

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