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Patch Changes - April 1st

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- We've added a feature in the Valley of Honor where players can now build Barracks and Beastiaries. They will need at least a Stronghold for the latter.

- Stormwind will be uniquely phased out for each player as a security measure while the local council addresses the recent plague outbreak.

- Due to Outland's unique self-destructive environment, Netherstorm and Blade's Edge Mountains have been shattered by a nearby Nether Black Hole and will be inaccessible.

- The Darkc'thun Faire, a new monthly event sponsored by the Twilight's Hammer Clan, has arrived in Silithus!

- Strange and lewd sightings have been reported in Jaina's private chambers through the door's peephole by several middle-aged men.

- Thrall exposed in an intimate context with Garrosh. Read the Daily Orgrimmar for the latest scoop!

- Dwarven sailors have returned from exploring the dark side of Azeroth and have discovered Kalimdor.

- Mass famine expected as Tel'abim Co. workers go on strike.

- Transmogrification has been cancelled. Instead, we are releasing Hearthstogrification, a feature that allows you to change the icon on your Hearthstone to that of any icon in the game. Only works during the weekly maintenance.

- Moved a tree in the Barrens closer to another tree.

- Razorfen Kraul and Razorfen Downs have been merged to avoid confusion.


- Yogg-Saron's private home will be open to the public April 3rd to April 5th. Bidding starts from 1,600,000 gold.

- Kel'thuzad's Banshees now play Lament of the Highborne to the whole server upon death (stacks infinitely).

- Gluth has been added to the Ulduar PTR and will make an appearance as a Beast of Northrend in the Trial of the Grand Crusader.

- Onyxia has been replaced with Nefarian.

- Razorscale has left Ulduar.

- Patchwerk has been re-buffed to his pre-nerf post-buff state.

- To celebrate the imminent launch of Ulduar, we have opened up the queues for Timewalking: Naxxramas, to relive the glory days of raiding in the damned necropolis! Drops ilvl 245 items.


- Due to increasing regulation by the Argent Crusade, The Lich King has been forced to grant some of his domain to the various factions of the world. The Argent Crusade received the area north of Icecrown, the Horde has claimed Ymirheim, and the Alliance have settled in the beautiful city of Scourgeholme.

- Due to irresponsible investment, the Council of Six in Dalaran has declared bankruptcy and is selling the city to the Blue Dragonflight.

- In an effort to make Leatherworking more appealing, Thunder Bluff is now offering to subsidize the cost of Skinning Knives.

- Mining has been removed due to all of Azeroth's nodes having been depleted.


- Removed.

- Wintergrasp has been turned into an attraction fair. Tickets start at 10 gold, with family discounts available.

- Alterac Valley has been turned into an open-world zone, where players can fight over the single last mining node in the world.


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