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[A] <Archrium> Guild Announcement

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Last Update 16-Jun-2019

Guild Status

Deactive | Social | Casual | Progressive | Hardcore


Greetings Fellow Members of Alliance

Archrium is a guild which aims to recruit like-minded people from internet communities and seek adventure and glory in outer dimensions.

In our ranks, we do prioritize friendship and progression. Even if currently operating as a social guild, in the future Archrium is intended to be able to organize and prepare for high-end raids, PvP and role-play events. In order to be realistic in our services, we have determined five basic guild levels and you can get information about our activity status on a monthly basis.

After reading our info section if you like our structure and consider to join us please follow steps described on how to join section or join our Discord server for guidance.

Thank you for your time and interest.

Our Aims

  • By the developmental approach, mastering both PvE / PvP content as far as possible
  • Preparing our companions; to teach general principles, class mechanics, organization and tactics with an institutional understanding
  • Organizing quality activities to enhance WotLK experience (Raid, Battleground, World PvP, RP etc.)
  • Creating a unity, atmosphere and a friendly environment that we can continue on other platforms

Our Expectations

  • Respectful and mature behavior
  • Be knowledgeable and harmonious about the guild rules
  • Be in accordance with the specified raid discipline in the activities you apply

General Rules

As we need to keep things in order to make them work and to bring order, we need to enforce some simple rules. In case of contravention, you’ll get warning points. Reaching 6 warning points will lead you to expelled from the Guild. WP’s will reset within 2 months periods or after certain achievements.

  • Abusive speech, spam, racism, insults, indulgence, and similar behavior are prohibited. 
  • You may ask but never consistently beg for gold, items or materials.
  • You may trade items with your guildmates but it’s forbidden to use guild chat for this purpose. For both selling and buying items. We expect from you to see guild members as companions, not customers. 
  • Guild Vault is there for public utility if abusive use such as taking items for selling or taking items more than necessary etc. detected you'll be expelled permanently.
  • Guild Vault will be used as described in Guild Vault Order* infographics (GVO) if you broke the order you’ll be warned. 
  • Be respectful even outside of the Guild, as your manner reflects on the guild. 
  • We expect from you to carry our guild tabard during Guild events such as Battlegrounds, Raids, etc. It’s a request to provide synergy between our ranks there is no real penalty for objection.


Ingame mail/whisper: Use /who archrium command anyone can invite
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/wvr228c
Guild Website: https://archrium-wow.shivtr.com/




Raid Information 

Please mind that we prioritize registered members in raids on website. 

Additionally, we have raid rules to maintain discipline. Please read it from here before applying to raids.


Friday 20:00 ST Ulduar 10/25 [Depending on people]

Saturday 20:00 ST Ulduar 10/25 (Continuation)

We also organize non-regular raids(Naxxr and VoA) at 20:00 ST random weekdays. Those raids will be announced couples of hours before starting on Discord.

Loot System

Raid Roll [Flexible we could change if raid demands dkp, council, etc.]

Role Recruit 

out.png?1356758984  Death Knight   Blood | Frost | Unholy

out.png?1356758989  Druid  Restoration | Feral [Cat]  | Feral [Bear]  | Balance

out.png?1356758995  Hunter Marksmanship | Beast Mastery | Survival

out.png?1356759011  Mage Frost | Fire | Arcane

out.png?1356759023  Paladin Retribution | Protection | Holy

out.png?1356759030  Priest Shadow | Discipline | Holy

out.png?1356759037  Rogue Subtlety | Assassination | Combat

out.png?1356759044  Shaman Enhancement | Elemental | Restoration

out.png?1356759050  Warlock Affliction | Destruction | Demonology

out.png?1356759056  Warrior Arms | Fury | Protection


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