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|| In-Game Code of Conduct ||

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In-Game Code of Conduct
The rules that you will find below, are intended to give you a good idea of things that are NOT allowed on OmegaWoW.
This means that some rules may refer to a situation that may cover a wider range than elaborated in this topic.
If something is not mentioned in the rules, this does not mean you can not be penalized for it. There will be situations that are yet unforeseen and these will be judged when they come up.
Please read all the rules and check on them once in a while, as they get updated from time to time.
  • The use of any kind of hack, such as, but not limited to, speed-hacks, wall-hacks and fly-hacks, will result in a permanent banishment from the OmegaWoW Game Server on both your IP address and your account(s).
    Modifying your client with third party programs and/or injecting them is against the rules, this also means dbc editing and model editing and using programs to change behavior and/or looks of the client. Basically, running a clean WoW installation without any modifications is the safest option.
  • When you encounter a server bug and exploit this bug rather than reporting it, you risk a punishment which is up to the Gamemaster that catches you.
  • Making false reports on our ticket system or forum to get another person muted or banned will be followed by a permanent ban from our server. We will not tolerate this kind of childish behaviour.
Side Note: Any punishment that can be applied to an IP address as well, are applied to an IP address and not only to a character or an account. This means that if you share your IP address with other people, for instance when you live in the same house with someone else who plays on OmegaWoW or when you play at a local internet cafe, you risk getting your accounts closed as well when another person on the same IP address gets banned. Therefore, we strongly advise never to share your IP address with other people, but if that is simply not possible then be very sure you can trust those other people with your IP address. Either way, in case of a permanent ban you can never use the excuse that it was someone else on your IP address who violated the rules, period!
There are people from all over the world playing on OmegaWoW, different nationalities and languages flow through our community. Therefore, we only allow English to be spoken on the public channels, such as the world channel, the general zone channel, the trade channel in capital cities and the looking for group channel. Respect your fellow community members, never use vulgar or offensive language. Furthermore, any kind of racism or insults to one's religion, sexuality or culture is strictly forbidden.
Win trading in arena is highly forbidden. When noticed (we got records of all matches) every account related to the win trading will get permanently banned. No discussion possible!
Using any kind of third program in Player versus Player situations is not allowed, meaning that it is forbidden to use programs such as key-pressers or programs which allow you to keep doing something while away from the keyboard, such as healing friendly targets.
If you find a certain action, such as a spell or talent, or an item's use effect which is bugged that could lead to an unfair advantage for the user, it is very wise to report this on the forum rather than exploiting this bug to one's personal advantage. Not knowing about bugs/exploits is no excuse.
OmegaWoW is based on a PvP environment and therefore breaking the rules mentioned above can lead up to a banishment from our Game Server on both your IP address and account(s) (NEEDS CONFIRMATION SERVER IS WORLD PVP ENABLED).
  • Use only English when talking in the Official Chat Channels - General, Trade Chat, Local Defense, World Chat. As already mentioned, we are multinational community. Using any other language in those channels may lead to mute/ban of your account(s) for certain time or permanent (Depending on situation).
  • It is forbidden to advertise account or donation trading on any public/private chat.(Messages like "WTS/WTB donation" and "WTT/WTB/WTS character/account"). If you get scammed with this action, you will not receive any support from the staff in retrieving the account. We do not / will not support account trading;
  • Using macros, 3rd party programs, add-ons, or anything else to create flood or to produce different colors in the following chat types is forbidden: /say, /yell, /party, /raid, /bg and all the official channels: world, general, trade, etc.It is misleading, annoying and could potentially lead to impersonating a Gamemaster (highly forbidden); It is also forbidden to use colors in guild names.
  • It's forbidden to make the so called "Anal Jokes" on Official Chat Channels in-game. Official Chat Channels are: General, Trade Chat, Local Defense,World Chat. "Anal Jokes" are saying anal and linking spells, items or talents that "fit well" with it.  Example: "Anal [Stomp]" or "Anal [Charge];
  • Using foul and rude language, cursing is forbidden in the Official Chat Channels. Remember this is a public place. Behave appropriately;
  • Double posting (flooding), spamming is not allowed on the World Chat, Trade Chat and General Chat Channels;
  • Excessive cursing versus other players (including donor bashing, racist remarks and real life threats) is highly forbidden and will result in long (if not permanent) bans when reported.
  • It is forbidden to kick / mute / ban players while having "Owner" or "Moderator" status on Official Channels. It is also forbidden to password-protect the official channels while having that same status.
  • Excessive use of Caps in global channels is not allowed.
  • Typing or using macros to create ASCII Art "pictures" in Official Chat Channels, is not allowed.
Approaching Gamemasters
Always make sure your tickets contain a detailed description of your problem. Always ask around on the public channels first to see if other community members have a solution or answer to your problem. In case of a bugged quest, spell/talent, NPC or item, file a detailed report on the issue tracker following guidelines. Gamemasters will not instantly attempt to fix the bugs because some bugs cannot be fixed in-game.
If a ticket contains no details, but instead it contains things like, but not limited to, "HALP!", "Need to talk to GM", they may be deleted without answers.
Show respect towards the Gamemasters, they spend their free time in the best interest of OmegaWoW. Never bother a Gamemaster if he is playing on his own characters, Gamemasters are only there to offer their help when they are on their Gamemaster character.
A Gamemaster's presence on the forums does not imply that he is in-game and it most certainly does not mean that he will instantly log in to help you. Be patient and/or go play another character with an open ticket until there is a Gamemaster available. Do not start sending PMs randomly/massively to Gamemasters and Administrators that you see online on the forums.
You are not allowed to ask a GM for any of the following things:
  • Levels (also for professions)
  • Items
  • Teleportation
  • Money
  • Talent Points
  • Server crash/restart
  • Kick from the server
  • Fixes
The following actions will also result in punishment, possibly a permanent ban:
  • Making the server crash on purpose, whether it's done by a bugged quest, NPC interaction or a third party program;
  • Advertising for other websites and servers with the intention to lure people away from OmegaWoW, but keep in mind that this is a very thin line. It is best to think about it for a while, before saying something about another server;
  • Offensive character names. Up to the Gamemaster to judge the offensiveness of the name. (This rule has a 1 time warning system, we allow you one chance to change your character name in something not disturbing/offensive, if we continue to see inappropriate character names on the account, the account will get closed. No discussion possible, of course);
  • Offensive guild names. (this may vary from things like 'WaffenSS' to 'Double Penetration'). Offensive guild names will be punished by disbanding of the guild and thus the loss of the guild bank (including items);
  • Being offensive towards other players (Now don't report someone for every little insult someone made, we mean threatening/really bad insults);
  • Its highly forbidden to sell characters/items/gold from our server for real money, if we get a report of it, we will ban the account(s) involved in this case;
  • It is not in your best interests to be disrespectful to the staff in any capacity. Whether it can be directly to the Staff Member or to friend(s), do not be disrespectful to a Staff Member. If you have a huge urge to flame about a Staff Member, that is fine, but not on the server (Ventrilo/anything that has to do with the server included). Use your own MSN/Skype/whatever else you want to flame about us to other people;
And last but definitely not least:
Use common sense.
The OmegaWoW Staff.

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