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|| Forum Code of Conduct ||

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|| Forum Code of Conduct ||
Please take the time to read through this list of rules which are enforced on our forum. They are important and one should be aware of what he/she can do and what not. Do note that warnings or bans can be given out for not respecting the rules. Three warnings will result in a one week ban.
  • Spamming is not allowed;
  • Posting links to illegal websites or providing links for Warez is highly prohibited;
  • Using our forum to advertise things for your own personal benefit is not allowed. Advertising for your own private server or other servers is not allowed, not in topics, not in your signature, not in your avatar and not through private messaging.
  • Advertising in any way will result in a permanent banishment from OmegaWoW's forums AND server.
  • Using two or more accounts on one topic in an attempt to manipulate other players, damage statistics counts, break any of the other rules, talk to yourself in an attempt to start a discussion etc. will result in a warning.
  • Use English. When introducing yourself or your guild, you may use another language, but a correct English translation must be present, or your post will be deleted;
  • If there is a guideline available in the section where you want to create a topic then read it and stick to the guidelines mentioned in it. If you fail to do this, we might delete your topic or move it to the Graveyard. If you do not take the time to file a proper report then we will mark it as incomplete and archive it;
  • Please take the time to post your topic in the right section of the forum;
  • Stay on topic, do not go off-topic with replies that have nothing to do with the subject posted by the topic starter;
  • If you need assistance then ask this in a normal and appropriate way, topics with a "demanding and rude" tone are frowned upon;
  • Never post topics or replies containing sexual content on the forum;
  • Creating blacklists (of any sort) on the forum is not allowed and neither is discriminating one another or calling someone names;
  • Portraying nationalities in a negative standing and being racist to others will result in severe punishment.
  • Posting videos, photos, or downright making fun of disabilities, diseases, illnesses, or people who are affected by those will result in severe punishment.
  • No bumping! Bumping is only allowed if the last post in the topic is more than one month old.
The Staff
  • Offensive activity towards the staff member(s) can result in a severe punishment;
  • Do not burden the staff members by PMing each one of them about your problem, to see who you can contact for what situation check the staff responsibilities topic;
  • Do not send us applications for staff functions if applications are closed. If the staff thinks someone could perform a staff function then he or she will be contacted by us;
  • Do not PM Noxious or any other staff member with every single little problem you encounter, once again check the topic mentioned up here to see who you can contact for your problem, or post your problem on the forum in the appropriate section.
  • Complaining about bugs not getting fixed, or stating that the staff doesn't fix anything etc. will result in a warning.
Personal settings
  • Do not use avatars which make the forum slow down or become unstable. Such avatars will be manually removed by one of the Administrators. If you continue to upload such avatars, that function will be disabled for your forum account;
  • Signatures that contain content which is in violation with our rules will be removed manually.
  • Signatures bigger than (Width: 650, Height: 270) are not allowed! If you continue to upload signatures bigger than that size, then the function will be disabled for your forum account.
  • Keep Signature content only for text and images. Don't post videos in your signature as their Height goes above the limit of 270.

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