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  1. A simple question. When I run out of character slots can I have create another account? I want to try more classes and races for both factions, but with the current number of server slots I will shortly running out. As long as I don't play the accounts at the same time is this ok? I don't want to get into any trouble as I've invested quite a lot of time on the server so I thought I would check first.
  2. Caught them on camera 76.5 45.9 Azshara
  3. Player Gamode (Horde) porting around the world to chest locations, looting them through walls. Witnessed them loot a box in Azshara, did a /who then they were in Durotar and then a moment later back in Azshara. Obviously this is impossible without cheating.
  4. Transmog needs to not be behind a paywall. It deters a lively transmog culture on the server with players gathering gear and looking their finest as well as a good trade in auction house transmog gear. Also what is with your dubious payment processors? I would have donated long ago if you used paypal, but I do not trust and would never use any of the methods currently offered.
  5. I volunteer to be a GM with very limited powers. I often see the same guy whispering for hours on end. If I and a few other could apply just account silences immediately, then list report the names here on the forum for account bans, that would be enough. As for the above suggestion, yes. No low level player who is not a guild member or friend or grouped typically needs to be whispering a high level player. The only circumstances that readily spring to mind for genuine whispering from lowbies to higher levels is people requesting Mage portals and they can ask for them in open channels. Also I do not know exactly what the current policy is, but I feel a zero tolerance approach to anyone buying gold - i.e. an immediate and permanent ban, and a regular message on login that replaces the "Hackers will be Torched" with a "Hacking and Buying Gold will lead to immediate Ban" would deter all but the most stupid.
  6. Rockstar

    Mail cap

    I am now unable to mail stuff from my main to my bank alt as a result of the changes introduced to stop goldspammers. What are the rules or restrictions on mail now? Because you are hitting a genuine player with your limits. All my characters are... My own (obviously) mutual friends on the friendslist above level 10 I am sure your intent was not to hamper genuine players, but something has gone awry.
  7. Don't complain or you encourage them? Sorry that's total nonsense. Most players aren't toddlers. The vast majority of OmegaWoW players, regardless of faction, are not like these idiots. Even out in the world where we can freely attack the opposite faction we mostly just wave and don't hassle each other. I believe very short respawn timers are a better option. That way griefers with no restraint, no respect for others and nothing better to do than display their own childish selfishness will not profit from their actions.
  8. Well flying is a definite and sudden chunk of gold players feel they need. Gear and materials are something which is ongoing. You might well spend 4k on other things over time, but the psychology of a 4k cost for flying and the desire to have it as soon as possible is undoubtedly the biggest driver of gold buying. People are not good at delayed gratification. Gold sellers exploit this. Similarly, without the need for 4k gold for flying, the need to jack up prices on the auction house becomes lessened. I remember in Classic the auction house prices for materials were nowhere near the insane levels they are on this server. Players didn't have the gold and didn't need it except for epic mount speed, which is why Blizzard reduced the price in subsequent patches and expansions.
  9. Thank you. I have another suggestion which will make gold sellers services less attractive - massively reduce the cost of all riding and mounts bought with gold. For example, currently (assuming exalted rep) swift flying costs 4000gold at level 70. That is an eye-wateringly expensive sum especially when faster levelling is taken into account. If the costs of all riding training were reduced to trivial levels e.g. until no single riding/flying training costs more than 100g, the need for gold is greatly reduced. Without demand, supplying gold is greatly reduced and if it can't turn a profit then gold farming on the server is a waste of time. I realise this may be a contentious solution because earning your various riding/flying is a small part of the game. However because this training is the largest single gold sink in the game tweaking the costs to very affordable levels is a very good way of controlling gold demand. Something to think about. Probably the most powerful and easy solution to reducing gold sellers and bots.
  10. Level 10 chat limit is a good idea. The time limit is just overcome by AFKing which requires no effort. Perhaps one of the biggest things to stop gold selling is a zero tolerance approach to gold buying. Ban players found to be buying gold. Explicitly state this in the terms. A few other ideas (I'm not reasonably expecting you to try them all, they are just ideas)... Block text only mails - it's no effort to send a trivial item with a genuine message but to spam message like that would become a real chore Audit player names - look through nonsense character names, e.g. asdfgasdfga, should be treated as suspicious and examined Hard limit on text only mails - 2 per hour level 10+, 5 per hour level 20+, unlimited level 40+ (in over a decade of playing WoW live I've never needed to send vast numbers of text only mails, even as a guild master) Audit vendor generated cash - players earning more than a certain amount of gold from vending items in a day should be treated as suspicious and examined Mail spam report auto bans - Mails flagged as spam by other players, e.g. more that 5 different player reports in an hour, should be disconnected and receive an automatic 24 hour ban on the account. Accounts flagged as such treated as suspicious and examined As above but for duplicate text emails - e.g. mails with identical body text to other characters that are not friends, alts and guild mates Limit known gold farming instances that can be run by a character and account per day - Using activity of known gold farmers/sellers, limit the instances they use to farm gold to a certain number (I cannot state exactly what number, but you'll already have an idea of how many instances a typical gold farmer/seller runs) Audit gold received by mail - Friends, guilds and alts should be deemed normal, all else treated as suspicious and examined Audit gold owned - Honest players hoarding gold do exist, but start examining accounts that have acquired large amounts of gold in a short amount of time or have gold above a certain threshold There are quite a few things that can be done, some more complicated and time consuming than others, that can automate the flagging of suspicious accounts. I will not pretend it is easy but anything you can do that makes it less likely for gold sellers to fly under the radar. Making it more burdensome for them to operate on your server than it is for you to stop them, WITHOUT impacting genuine players, is key.
  11. No it isn't. I played live since classic through to Legion. Players received sanctions for doing this excessively. I even recall a player complaining on the forum after a GM plucked him out of the Auction house he was griefing and ported him to a distant location. On a low population server near constant Auctioneer killing is incredibly detrimental to the health of the server. Anyone rolling here and discovering the Auction house is near permanently out of action when these idiots are online, will quickly think about rolling elsewhere. I would urge the people running the server to consider this sort of activity malicious and act accordingly. I would add, when these group of fools have the auctioneers in all the Horde cities on lockdown, it's a denial of service attack.
  12. I already stated I moved to another city, Larry. The auctionners were killed there too. Try reading if you wish to contribute.
  13. Larry, that's nonsense. Firstly I am too low level to be any threat. Secondly I frequently arrive in the city to find dead Auction NPCs as they have long respawn timers. (in fact shortening their respawn times to 30 seconds would be better than buffing them) Just now I went to Thunderbluff after the Orgrimmar auctioneers were killed by Uther. A minute later an Alliance Death Knight called "Lichking" arrived and killed only the Auction NPCs there as well! This is a deliberate and targeted campaign of denial of service by one idiot determined to do nothing all evening but screw up the game for half the playerbase.
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. Buffing the Auctioneers would help. Uther does this for hours on end which is beyond acceptable behaviour in my opinion, and then kills the wind rider making lower level players lives very difficult. A few times is fine, locking out the Auction for an hour or more at a time is not. Anything which could stop him would help. I do it myself but I'm in the process of levelling.