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    Collectable quest item respawns very long

    Well we only really noticed it in Northrend as we were mostly dungeoning during Vanilla and TBC content, but we noticed it immediately. There was a quest to get some wine from a sunken ship on Alliance side, another to get a tome that spawned in a burning house and another to loot the chest from the floating mage lady near the glowing boxes and dragonkin mobs. Sorry for the lack of detail, I can't remember the quest names at all, only that in each case we had to wait a very long time to be able to loot each of the items, as it wouldn't respawn for a long period of time.
  2. Hey guys, just a quick one regarding collectable quest item respawns. Me and a few friends are levelling together and we're really struggling now we've hit Northrend and trying to complete quest's with collectables, it's taking about 20-25 minutes waiting for respawns, is this a current known issue, or is it intended? Thank you!