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  1. Applications closed full team ready!
  2. We are now Needing 1 tank and 1 dps left thread will update tommorow,
  3. LOL i guess we will see dont forget to enjoy the race ?
  4. Requirements to join: - Horde Character - More info will be shared once you joined the team for the full Strategy! - Be able to stay up for 8-24 hours to level, if you drop off after 8 hour its fine but we kinda need you for the 8 hours atleast! - Be able to join our discord server do not require microphone but you can atleast listen to the ones that do! - A class thats not already taken in the party! (this is mainly for first 80 class titles, this does not matter if you are not going for realm first of ur class to 80) - Be able to stay up for 8-24 hours to level with us! - Able to ressist to not touch the auction house or unecessary things like professions so on! - Stock up on food before we start levling that means premake some food so we dont waste to much time! (irl) - You must be willingly to share the gold between the party if needed, for stuff like water, and skills for tank and healer so they can keep up without any problems! (The first class title is worth more than gold can buy) - Do not waste money on unecessary skills like levitation or slowfall and so on! - Please listen to the group every member do have a say (please no Hostile arguing) - Most importantly Have fun in the race to get first class to 80! (mabey realm first 80 if we are fast enough) Team setup so far: Healer: Zittla - Blood Elf Priest (Holy) Dps: Zeraxer - Troll Mage Dps: Apex - Blood Elf Paladin (Retribution) Dps: SwiftBird - Hunter Tank: Matt Molson - Tauren Warrior (Protection)
  5. Zittla

    Beta #2 Bug reports

    WG got captured by ally before they broke the walls i saw 1 dude parachute in trough the top of the gate no idea how he did it
  6. Zittla

    Some questions

    Sweet i just want to support you guys and get some coold gifts hehe gotta love those cosemetics so i can be a special snowflake :)
  7. Zittla

    Some questions

    oh yeh i totally forgot about The realm first, but would we be able to buy cosmetics like pets or tabards on release and then later lvls and so on ? or is everything 100% locked ? woulda been sick to lvl with a murloc marine or a cute little murloc or a crazy panda by ur side, like lvling in style!
  8. Sunite i love the idea thats how retail wow is atm using simmilar system, but id love to see this if it was possible idk.
  9. Zittla

    Some questions

    Hey im wondering if there is gonna be a discord or if there is 1 atm. Will donations be a thing on the server? id like to buy my way up i hate lvling xD
  10. I hope they add cross faction raiding if the population is to low