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  1. Okay upload that video where u explained tactic or stack in melee. Simple guild mates defend which is sounds really good. u just missed rules for which u can get punishment.
  2. @Adae KT 10range melee/Ranged same. u have a lot place to spread and dont blocked melees or tanks. with youre position u are blocking tank and all melees. (Nobody talked about stack in melee before the pull.) So its simple u are just talking shit 🙂 and iam right. On screen u see everything. ❤️And dont forgot "when u are explaing something on pug raid (u need to use marks) Without discord. Dont be afraid. Take care u are simple my hater. (Thats the reason of my kick) 😄
  3. @Adae Upload a screen with you*re right. And dont talking shits here. Thanks 🙂
  4. Hello, i want to report this one accident the peoples who is hateing me and they are my haters or something they kicked me from the Naxx 25 Group under the boss fight the screenshot is here. (Without reason) only for joke or toxic attitude. (Simple triggering me bcs someone is better then another) Leader was: Narcise, Adae https://imgur.com/a/165jLQM https://imgur.com/a/3cXceNq Thanks 🙂
  5. Tauri WoW is Blizzlike and he have VIP System. and OmegaWoW is not blizlike... its "progressive" 3xp rate. so why are you talking about Blizzlike?
  6. I dont talking about pay to win... u simple dont understand. "i dont explaing pay for items." its pay for instant logout all place/speak with horde/and can mail between alli-horde
  7. Hello everyone! I Have 1good idea for future on this server. So, on my old server "XXXX WoW" We had chance to buy "VIP" its mean: u can whisp on horde players, u can send mail from horde-alli and same. u can loggout instantly in all place, u can do transaction with trade on website with Characters,u can buy items "mounts,tabards,misselous", U can rename your guild, rename character. you have commands: .st (unstuck to home) .wg s (information about wg how many peopels are signed up,when is wg starting, and who is controlled". u can give back item. And more... i Mean it was good choice in future to make something with this. Thanks for read it. [Bathai]
  8. First, if you already report someone you should upload pictures. In world-loot does not exist ninja. And I would be glad if you didn't want to include the Guild
  9. hmm, nice ask. and when today realeasing which time you want to release that?
  10. Hi, i want reported that some bug which we seen. First is in the Violet hold - Ichorok After Random heroic you need to reinv for join next.