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  1. Although i m against doubling AP gain for the last 2 weeks, it does make sense that more people should have been able to get atleast 4/5 furious. Most including myself are only 3/5. The 2 rewards are much better thought out than last season. So good job on that! I am split about rewarding 3's. If you want to reward it announce it at the start of the season, so people will actively play it. Then again the people who played it did invest time in it knowing it might not get rewarded. I would say if teams are able to grind out If rank 1 hits 2000 rating or higher - furious gladiator + mount Otherwise Anything above 1900 rating - gladiator ( no mount) Anything above 1750 rating - duelist Anything above 1550 rating - rival Anything above 1400 rating - challenger Seems fair(ish) that for most titles you need to get the PVP rating achievement in 3's. I would also like to point out to what Eltupi said about 3's on discord. It is something that i can agee on. Just a thought for next season. Can there be an Estimated time period(can be off a week or 2) of how long seasons will last + rewards (2's and 3's) at the start of the season? Also don't make furious weapons obtainable cheap or early in the relentless season. Give it a month? Or don't make them 500 AP, maybe keep Ap cost but no rating requirements? Cheers for providing intel. Really appreciate it.
  2. Omegawow and bad communication name a more iconic duo. 🙈
  3. Kefkoe

    SoloQ arena.

    Basicly you are saying the server should change cause you play on probably the period of the day with the lowest activity point...
  4. I also find this a bit overreacting. Directly refering to 911 seems to be that you experienced similar stuff in real live that you might be trying to ventilate on this person. I am not saying that what he says is correct but muting someone 2 weeks for this. Come on, everybody will be claiming mutes for the smallest things then.
  5. Greetings, Can i ask why the ranking has been reduced to only the top5 teams? I found it rather cool to see the top25.
  6. Kefkoe

    PvP Season

    It's just to make pvp more rewarding. If pvp was insanely active i would agree, but it is not.
  7. Kefkoe

    Pvp season

    Greetings, Seeing as ulduar is closing in. Do we have an idea when PvP season ends? And are you planning on rewarding 2v2? Or like on retail just 3v3/5v5. Seeing as 2v2 is the most active tier... would make sense imo
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    Yo nib. I remember your name
  9. Kefkoe


    Also rly interested in this
  10. Health alone isn't enough. At the moment 85-90% of the alliance goes to kill our towers and only a few defend and even that is more than enough people to stop our pushes. Imagine those 80 alliance focussing one siege at a time, it will die no matter what in a few second. 80 alliance, let's say 65 damagers x 2k damage per second on average(which is a rather low estimation), that's 130(!!)k per second they can do by just focussing, if i'm not mistaken sieges only have around 100k health lol. It should be health + damage reduction, or health + more damage done, and to be honest, it might just be the 3 combined (health + damage reduction + more damage).
  11. I agree that something should be fixed. A buff to the sieges looks the best. Seeing that with just sheer numbers alliance kills both our tower to reduce our time by 10, in just a few minutes while we don't even have a rank + base captured yet seeing with how few we are. Even with 12 tenacity on me, i die in a few seconds..
  12. Greetings, Just wanted to point out that death grip can't be used in melee range. For pvp this has a real impact as it's one of the ways of interrupting people. https://wow.gamepedia.com/Death_Grip As you can see it shouldn't have a minium range or not ond that i can't find atleast. I apologize if i m wrong but i've never encountered this during my time playing wow and as a death knight myself i find it hindering my performance.
  13. Kefkoe


    I m just going to give my view on the pvp gear ratings. Gaining acces to all these items is a bit too much at once. 600 rating to then gain 6 items in the next 100 orso rating you gain is wrong. Starting at 1300 - 1350 - 1400 - 1450 - 1500 - 1600. Might seem better with the pvp trinkets then at 1700 rating. Looks more balanced and rewarding to get those 50 more points to gain the new items. Now i would say that the hateful set pieces need to be reworked aswell. Hands 1400 rating then every 75 rating you get acces to another piece ending at 1775 which opens the way of starting deadly set from 1850 rating then at every 100 rating you gain and ending at 2250 rating for the last piece. Which should result in a much more challenging and more grind, resulting in top teams to also keep playing to maintain ratings or keep climbing + for season ending titles top teams will have to be higher then this. Maybe changing both shoulders requirements to 3v3 wouldn't be bad either. 1.5k + 2k. Then I also wonder why there are only deadly weapons, although i find the rating requirements enough seeing the massive arena point requirement to buy. The savage + hateful tier weapons i would suggest to be at 1200 rating and 1500 rating, seeing that most naxx10/25 are more valuable but it leaves the not pve-player with options too.
  14. Kefkoe

    Top arena teams

    You can currently see the Top5. https://omegawow.eu/pvp But i would also like to see a bigger leaderboard, maybe even a Top20.