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  1. I think the answer is that when someone leaves in q it's fucks up how many actually are in BG. seeing it both happen horde & alliance atm
  2. But why is it then that when an other one of us joins and it's 5v5, alliancd gets an other one. That's wrong. There shouldn't be able to join an other alliance even though a new horde joined since the battleground is in balance then.
  3. Why is that in every Battleground alliance have 1 more than Horde? I'm not talking about when horde chickens out and leaves after we got our asses wooped. I've added some screenshots where you can see twice at start that alliance have 1 more player, and one during a battleground where nobody left yet alliance still have 1 more player. Are there alliance Duallogging to make things imbalanced by queueing and not joining? Not saying we would win battlegrounds atm, since alliance is asskicking us, but it might result in a more 'balanced' battleground instead of just a faceroll.
  4. Kefkoe


    Welcome Desbonub, i remember you, you might remember me 🙂
  5. Kefkoe

    Returning Player!! Woot! ROLL!!

    Fal are you Falwyn? 😮 I was indeed a DK
  6. Kefkoe

    Returning Player!! Woot! ROLL!!

    I remember you. I was also part of Raiders of Loopyland. I only joined a year - year and a half orso before it disbanded. Don't know if you remember my name ? Welcome
  7. Kefkoe

    O Hai

    Since you don't read Facebook ? I'll ask it here, what class you think you'll be playing?
  8. Kefkoe

    O Hai

    idk w/e you prefer i geuss ? rather play with a friend
  9. Kefkoe

    O Hai

    Hello everybody, I geuss i would be an oldy here, first wow server i played back in the day. Mostly know for chars that end on 'Koe' eg; Kefkoe, warkoe etc. Really excited about starting a char here if i find the time. Cheers