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  1. The issue with releasing it between 8pm-10pm is that there are gonna be wipes, it's gonna be a long first clear for most guilds.. meaning they're basically making EU guilds raid until 2-5am depending on if they're good or bad. That's simply too late. It's a Saturday, 5pm server time = 11am Eastern Time for NA... they really struggle to wake up at 11am? Ridiculous. Stop catering to NA and cater to the majorty of your playerbase who are EU and would benefit much more from an earlier release that America could still realistically be online for.
  2. ... Why releasing it so late? The majority of your server is EU, why are you releasing it at earliest 8pm so that raids are going to have to go into the early hours ? 2-3pm GMT, so around 4-5 server time would be best.
  3. I can't remember then name of the mob, but you'll know them when i describe them... They're before Algalon room, Iron Council room and come as a singular mob. They are really tall and look like they have a hood on. they summon a ball of light that does AoE damage... You know the mob? Yeh, for whatever reason, that mob instantly kills my fire totem. Made a video to show you (Totems in middle of screen beneath my character).
  4. "Similar behaviour" - He's been none stop camping Orgrimmar auctioneers for the past 4 weeks, all day, everyday. There are no horde players that sad, stop trying to justify it. "Just kill him" - Problem, he's a Paladin and the mobs have 5k hp, you can't stop it happening unless you play priest / Warrior, and even then the 0.5 second cast time to remove Bubble + the actual killing of a Ret paladin, you again, can't kill him before he manages to do 5k damage to 3 low level mobs. He's abusing a system, it might not be "against the rules" But it sure as hell is ruining other players gaming experience, which IS against the rules. Edit- Not subjective at all, there is evidence of griefers being banned on other servers greatly increasing the population and average playtime per user on that server. If somebody killing the main capital of the opposing factions NPCs for a month straight isn't griefing, i don't know what is.
  5. I feel like it needs to be added that Uther, Lichking, Dobutsu, they're not just killing the Auctioneers in every city.. They're killing the bankers, the PvP vendors (Now they're directly effecting balancing).. Howlong are you going to lose people from your server because of a few idiots? Time to give them the Colt treatment so you lose 2-3 instead of 200-300. Edited - It's not even 8am server time and all vendors are already dead and will be all day now. https://imgur.com/a/zv1vD1L - PvP vendors in Org for proof.
  6. Not sure if anybody played on Kronos, but there was a Rogue named "Colt".. Colt was a griefer, he went out of his way to ruin other peoples in game experience. To the extent that he scored 425,000 kills of players below level 30 in Hillsbrad Foothills alone. The team of developers, and GMs decided that banning him was the best course of action, as 1 person being an idiot isn't worth losing 100's of players who aren't. As soon as Colt was banned, Kronos population increased almost immediately as players could actually play the game. Something similar towards Uther and Dobutsu could probably work out having similar results. 1-2 idiots aren't worth losing 100's of people who aren't. TLDR.
  7. Dollparty

    Ban Appeal

    The best part about this is that Huge in Japan are getting the blame for reporting it. You reap what you sow... GL with your appeal. Kek
  8. 2's isn't "fun". It's known as the retard bracket for a reason. the more that's done to promote 2v2 and less done to promote 3v3 is really bad for the servers PvP scene (Which, frankly, is already dead)
  9. Yep, leave them waiting. Balance is the absolute paramount importance in WoW. If they didn't get in, tough, queue BG instead. It worked elsewhere.
  10. Well, ok, but currently PvPers will avoid this server. 3's isn't active, 5's desn't exist and the only bracket that gets played is the bracket that is known as "retard bracket" on every private server.. Something needs to be done to get 3's active or PvP here is just going to die.
  11. Can't we get something like this for an actual PvP bracket? So that people actually start queueing the GOOD PvP arena brackets?
  12. As usual, the forum of words aren't getting through, so instead i made a video to show just how futile Wintergrasp currently is as Horde. "Just make more people queue", is about as effective as "Just make more people roll Alliance" when you talk about faction imbalance in the majority of servers. Things need to be done to make it FAIR. Being farmed at your graveyard for 25 minutes is fun. That's all Wintergrasp is for Horde currently, so people refuse to join. Like i said, words aren't getting it done, so here's a video of Wintergrasp at Friday night PRIMETIME... See the problem for yourself.
  13. Also, again, it's not about "wanting to win" it's about wanting it to be FAIR. You know, like, 151 vs 18 like it is RIGHT NOW in Wintergrasp as i'm typing this and within 35 seconds horde has 0 siege vehicles available and absolutely 0 chance of gaining a tower to ever craft one. That is not a fair situation, It's the antithesis of fair, it is broken, and unfair. If horde have 18 people in Wintergrasp, Alliance shouldn't have more than 20. That's just basic logic.
  14. Hi, you're misreading. We're not asking for "buffs to tenacity", we're asking for Tenacity to be removed completely and stop letting a ridiculous imbalance on numbers happen.