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  1. StealthyBoi

    Brainstorming for Gold Seller Problem

    Not really, it would really destabilize the whole server economy, because people hitting 70 would save up for 80. gear not needing to spend 4k for flying, which would greatly improve the price of all mats and gear itself, which would lead to many people who are 80 now and saving up to be unable to buy the gear they've been saving up for because price would sky-rocket
  2. StealthyBoi


    Hey guys, Playing since the start of the server, but just now decided to introduce myself. I'm a Human Rogue, hope we all will have a great time getting along guys!
  3. StealthyBoi


    Hey Benny, good to see you're active.
  4. Uther, Lichking, Murradin and few more are a bunch of friends, they're doing it for the luls and to see Horde rage. This is a part of the game, defend the auctioneers. When I played on retail there were max level characters killing the low levels in starting zones too and nobody did anything with that, we had to ask max level people to come and kill them. This is just how things are.
  5. StealthyBoi

    Wintergrasp needs tuning.

    I don't see any problem, I'm Alliance 🙂 Also, how do You want to do this? You didn't answer me. You want to leave 100+ Alliance players waiting, not being able to participate in WG just because Horde can't pull themselves up to come and fight? That's just stupid and selfish.
  6. StealthyBoi

    Wintergrasp needs tuning.

    And why is that Alliance's bad? Spam world chat, motivate people to come to WG. If, let's say, there are 30 Horde players on WG, do You want there to be only 30 Alliance players playing against them? What about the rest, as in this case you provided, more than 100 players who would want to participate, play, get honor and marks?
  7. StealthyBoi

    Wintergrasp needs tuning.

    I don't get it how faction with way more people keeps losing WG. Instead of trying to find solutions, buffs, etc. why don't more of Horde players come to WG and actually participate in it? Why do Alliance players need to suffer from buffs to tenacity if it's Horde players' bad for not even trying to motivate and participate in WG? You mean You wanna win WG 20v100, and to do that You want more buffs? Hell no. Try to actually find a group of players who want to do WG, if You don't do that - Just keep losing. Or change faction. Cheers.
  8. StealthyBoi

    Dumb Question but need help

    No, it will not, because the Battle.net version is the BFA version, with changes to the world etc.
  9. Hey, So this guy nicknamed Uther told me to "shut the fuck up" after i asked him if he's good, this happened on WG. Few minutes later he kicked me out of the raid group. I hope he will be punished for insulting without real reason or anything,