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  1. They said info will be posted today (no specific hour of the day has been providded).
  2. First off, quoting announcement to clarify the issue: Beside it we will also change other currencies like: Honor, Wintergrasp Mark of Honor, Stone Keeper's Shards. Please be aware that we won't take all your points. We will reduce them to balance the economy with upcoming PvP system changes. Honor points will be reduced as follows: If you have more than 70000 we will take 50% of excess, so if you have 75000 you'll have 72500 after squash. Those 50% will be converted to gold (2HP = 1G) OmegaWoW staff is aware of current state of PvP. Season length is reduced by almost half compared to blizzlike time. People may have trouble to get their honor gear/arena gear in time. Having that in mind we decided to boost rates of PvP currencies to make gearing easier and more "possible". Rates will look as follows: Arena Points - x2 Wintergrasp Mark of Honor - x2 Stone Keeper's Shards - increased from 10 to 15 per quest Honor cap will be set to 100000. Question 1: How will WG marks and Stonekeeper shards be changed/resetted? It's great that there was a formula provided for Honor points, and Arena points obviously being resetted completely, but how will the other marks be effected? Question 2: previously commendations (bravery, honor) would be resetted/removed. Now they won't? Question 3: Why will you even touch WG marks + shards AT ALL, when you BUFF them next season? This implies u (partially) delete them, to make gaining them easier next season.
  3. I agree with Orthrin, and after a long and painful day filled with cancerous events, you know what I am he most upset about? You. It seems you purposefully whispered him to get a reaction (provoking) so nobody could play the “he didn’t say it to you in private, just /ignore”-card. You aimed to get someone else who is offended by the other side of the spectrum of yours (read; you’re pro and he is anti islam) punished. Offtopic rant commencing; Man the F up. Someone says something on the web and you want to silence them. Everyone is free to express their views here. If you want to permanently be surrounded by pro-islam minded people go back and live (if you do not yet) in a non-secular state and refrain yourself from getting others to protect your feelings by playing the victim card. Still mad that you tried to provoke others. I’m not saying I do or I do not support any of those comments made on the world channel, but I do want to be one of the people who states this victim card bogus should not, nay, should NEVER fly. /Rant over. I’m adding your character to all my characters ignore lists so I won’t offend you ever. I call that an absolute win. thanos out. P.S; he did nothing wrong.
  4. Thus, taxing players to not have a luxury makes no sense :D.
  5. I’m keeping this short, you’ll understand why. Back when Omegawow originally launched Untamed was undoubtedbly THE PvP guild. Untamed has been reborn. Are you a PvP player who is too lazy to grind endless weekly raids or daily dungeons, who cares only about PvPing (from rbg and duels to arenas), then Untamed is a right fit for you. We’ve started as a group of oldies playing Decades, and decided we’re opening our doors to new people as well, rather than staying a small friends-only guild. The purpose of Untamed is to form a guild who focuses on top 20 arenas. Come join us if you want a guild in which you can find potential future partners. We are also too lazy to host a guild website or whatnot. Therefore; contact Kefkoe or Desbobis ingame for info/questions/invite handling. Are they offline? —> Contact other guild members, perhaps an officer is logged on an alt. P.s.: Returning players and socials are also welcome of course.
  6. Agreed, even though I don’t care whether people do or don’t xmog. It’s not blizzlike, so why hinder people who don’t want it enabled.
  7. iTz R34LiTYz

    DoT Tracking

    I'd like to sugguest BOL Tracker for paladins. It tracks Beacon of Light and Sacred Shield (both duration + timer).
  8. We made the FL25 group clearly agreeing on who would receive which loot. Since a rogue's only option is to use leather (there obviously is no cloth with agility stats), the rogue has priority over a hunter for leather items. I only rolled need because you needed, and thus broke everybody's gentlemans agreement. Ask other group members we ran with, Tidalwiz, Negan and Marco.
  9. Yes, there might not be anything written about this in the rules, but surely purposefully removing people from the automatically formed Wintergrasp group shouldn't be allowed. There is no reason why a person at random should be able to decide whether or not people are allowed to join a form of open world PvP. Player name: Ronette Abuse: Kicking people purposefully from the Wintergrasp group, severely hamstringing people from partaking in world PvP. Proof: https://paste.pics/6a12c17f0c4ba14c0e4fa1745ff45ea2 https://paste.pics/228924836bec49d1f5b875b15e6f4e76
  10. Possible that people play the AH by controlling said markets? (buy low sell high).
  11. iTz R34LiTYz

    Pvp season

    Lmao, chuckled at this, wondering how I didn’t notice it after reading past it about five times now. Slowclap for you.
  12. Not just casters 😜
  13. I’m keen to quote your last point; finding someone to RAF with. Is this accepted by server rules? Because seriously, that’s not how it was meant to be used by Blizz. If the entire server RAF’s randomly with each other, then why not just allow RAF’ing yourself, lvl on 1 account and then grant lvls to your other account (a.k.a. NOT dualboxing, but still recruit-yourselving, as said wasnt allowed by Noxious I believe).