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  1. iTz R34LiTYz

    Brainstorming for Gold Seller Problem

    Not sure if number 1 is easy to implement, and for number 2; it would harmstring mail to all guild members for example.
  2. iTz R34LiTYz

    Weapon and Profession skillups

    I seem to have absolutely no problem with this while leveling at 6x (playing melee chars).
  3. iTz R34LiTYz

    Triple boxer

    This guy was obviously triple boxing, 2 characters were on follow and did not even bother to attack me while I was chopping in on the character used to kill quest mobs with. Names: Shiss, Banski, Rarie Screenshots: http://nl.tinypic.com/r/30uec20/9 http://nl.tinypic.com/r/35b9ij5/9
  4. iTz R34LiTYz

    PvP Round Robin Event!

    2s is one giant rock/paper/scissors. If neither team misplays. If they do, you can beat any comp with set up and tactics. You’re probably referring to pal/warrn—> try disc/frost, shadow/frost, rogue/mage, mm/disc, unholy/rdruid or afflock/rsham. They known for being painful for pal/warr. For Pal/Dk, any caster with burst will do. Force AMS and kill the dk when it’s on cooldown. and I agree, some comps have a benefit in terms of better sync, and I agree, 3s is best.
  5. iTz R34LiTYz

    3 friends can't use refer a friend ?

    This would mean if some people leveled together (say 2 out of three, because one is nit interested in leveling an alt let’s say) they wouldn’t be gaining double xp right? Depending on who linked to who of course.
  6. iTz R34LiTYz

    Dual Specialization Price?

    Yes, completely blizzlike. Economy is just still on its ass. However, currently on retail they removed dual specialization and you can swap between specs completely free, so research that and argue your case, but it won’t help I think.
  7. iTz R34LiTYz

    Connecting issue.

    Okay, fixed it with help from ye olde AT. Lock and remove please!
  8. iTz R34LiTYz

    Connecting issue.

    Game hangs at "connecting" on macbook pro, can log in with same account on pc. Did a flushdns, no use. See ping here: 1 ( 3.915 ms 3.825 ms 2.888 ms 2 * * * 3 nl-ams17b-rc1-lag-9-0.aorta.net ( 91.016 ms 83.062 ms 75.832 ms 4 nl-ams04a-ri3-ae9-0.aorta.net ( 40.284 ms 54.218 ms 73.491 ms 5 ix-ae-30-0.tcore1.ad1-amsterdam.as6453.net ( 67.337 ms 84.635 ms 86.103 ms 6 if-ae-7-2.tcore1.av2-amsterdam.as6453.net ( 104.751 ms 64.240 ms if-ae-2-33.tcore1.av2-amsterdam.as6453.net ( 66.743 ms 7 if-ae-6-2.tcore1.fnm-frankfurt.as6453.net ( 82.423 ms 97.797 ms 106.905 ms 8 if-ae-9-2.tcore1.fr0-frankfurt.as6453.net ( 124.551 ms 66.876 ms 51.102 ms 9 ( 67.553 ms 75.615 ms 83.165 ms 10 core23.fsn1.hetzner.com ( 89.003 ms core24.fsn1.hetzner.com ( 98.822 ms 83.036 ms 11 ex9k2.dc10.fsn1.hetzner.com ( 56.073 ms 77.389 ms ex9k2.dc10.fsn1.hetzner.com ( 69.466 ms 12 hn-o-144-76-118-203.statnet.pl ( 92.867 ms 104.938 ms 100.849 ms 13 static. ( 70.877 ms 67.060 ms 76.736 ms Please hlep.
  9. iTz R34LiTYz

    2 players on same IP adress.

    Hello. I am currently installing (ingame account created yet). My girlfriend and I are planning to play together, thus, we’ll play on the same IP. Can we somehow arrange this so once we are finally ready and set to play we don’t get insta rekt? thx in advance 🤙
  10. iTz R34LiTYz

    PvP Arena minimum

    I don’t play on this server (or any), but correct me if I’m wrong; Omega is in deadly glad season? (s5).
  11. iTz R34LiTYz


    And I’m glad, however this growth will stagnate/plateau in the future.
  12. iTz R34LiTYz


    Soon©®? Either allow 1 character retail migration or level donation and I bet the servers account total will boost a rough 20% within 30 days.
  13. iTz R34LiTYz

    Top arena teams

    No longer important now that you've hit R1?