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  1. iTz R34LiTYz

    DoT Tracking

    I'd like to sugguest BOL Tracker for paladins. It tracks Beacon of Light and Sacred Shield (both duration + timer).
  2. iTz R34LiTYz

    Kicking people from Wintergrasp on purpose.

    We made the FL25 group clearly agreeing on who would receive which loot. Since a rogue's only option is to use leather (there obviously is no cloth with agility stats), the rogue has priority over a hunter for leather items. I only rolled need because you needed, and thus broke everybody's gentlemans agreement. Ask other group members we ran with, Tidalwiz, Negan and Marco.
  3. Yes, there might not be anything written about this in the rules, but surely purposefully removing people from the automatically formed Wintergrasp group shouldn't be allowed. There is no reason why a person at random should be able to decide whether or not people are allowed to join a form of open world PvP. Player name: Ronette Abuse: Kicking people purposefully from the Wintergrasp group, severely hamstringing people from partaking in world PvP. Proof: https://paste.pics/6a12c17f0c4ba14c0e4fa1745ff45ea2 https://paste.pics/228924836bec49d1f5b875b15e6f4e76
  4. iTz R34LiTYz

    Massive Herb Seed in Auction House

    Possible that people play the AH by controlling said markets? (buy low sell high).
  5. iTz R34LiTYz

    Pvp season

    Lmao, chuckled at this, wondering how I didn’t notice it after reading past it about five times now. Slowclap for you.
  6. iTz R34LiTYz

    PvP Season

    Not just casters 😜
  7. iTz R34LiTYz

    About DUALboxing

    Clear, thanks!
  8. iTz R34LiTYz

    About DUALboxing

    I’m keen to quote your last point; finding someone to RAF with. Is this accepted by server rules? Because seriously, that’s not how it was meant to be used by Blizz. If the entire server RAF’s randomly with each other, then why not just allow RAF’ing yourself, lvl on 1 account and then grant lvls to your other account (a.k.a. NOT dualboxing, but still recruit-yourselving, as said wasnt allowed by Noxious I believe).
  9. iTz R34LiTYz

    Focusing on PVP scene

    “You had my curiousity, but now you have my attention.”
  10. iTz R34LiTYz

    destu warlock spell rules

    Yes, but my point was, if you have immolate up, you then cast incinerate and then try conflagrate, does confla have gcd then? In oher words; does confla only have gcd after immolate? I need to know.. for.. reasons... ;D
  11. iTz R34LiTYz

    destu warlock spell rules

    Sounds logical. How about glyphs? iirc there is a glyph which does not consume an immolate on the target. Is there no delay/gcd for immolate after casting other spells (assuming there is an immolate debuff present on the target)?
  12. iTz R34LiTYz

    Brainstorming for Gold Seller Problem

    Not sure if number 1 is easy to implement, and for number 2; it would harmstring mail to all guild members for example.
  13. iTz R34LiTYz

    Weapon and Profession skillups

    I seem to have absolutely no problem with this while leveling at 6x (playing melee chars).
  14. iTz R34LiTYz

    Triple boxer

    This guy was obviously triple boxing, 2 characters were on follow and did not even bother to attack me while I was chopping in on the character used to kill quest mobs with. Names: Shiss, Banski, Rarie Screenshots: http://nl.tinypic.com/r/30uec20/9 http://nl.tinypic.com/r/35b9ij5/9
  15. iTz R34LiTYz

    PvP Round Robin Event!

    2s is one giant rock/paper/scissors. If neither team misplays. If they do, you can beat any comp with set up and tactics. You’re probably referring to pal/warrn—> try disc/frost, shadow/frost, rogue/mage, mm/disc, unholy/rdruid or afflock/rsham. They known for being painful for pal/warr. For Pal/Dk, any caster with burst will do. Force AMS and kill the dk when it’s on cooldown. and I agree, some comps have a benefit in terms of better sync, and I agree, 3s is best.