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  1. Alexandru

    O Hai

    Hello man!! ? I'm really excited too. ? I really want to play here, so i guess i will go on Horde side. Server will be released on 25th January. Glad to see you here, i'm new player.
  2. Alexandru

    Beta #2 - Impressions Topic

    Well, the beta was really great for me. It was great cause i just test some things that i reported to Nox. I hope they will be fixed soon. ?
  3. Alexandru

    Beta #2 Bug reports

    I was that guy, Wintergrasp it's bugged, you can mount up before battle starts and you can fly to the base. I already reported it. ?
  4. Alexandru

    We are back !!!

    Hello!! Nice memories. :)
  5. Just OmegaWoW. ❤️ 

  6. Alexandru


    Hello @Noxious! :)
  7. Alexandru

    Best raiding faction?

    I think more players will join on Horde side, but we will see when it will be released.
  8. Alexandru

    Hello OmegaWoW!

    Hello everyone! I'm new on this server, i just came here to introduce myself. I am Alexandru, 19 years old, green eyes, i love all people when they talk nicely. I'm really excited, i really wanna join OmegaWoW server + i really wanna help it much as i can as Game-Master if @Noxious are going to accept my application. So i wanna say hello to everyone, Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy Holidays.