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  1. Hello guys! I came back here, again and i want to play on this server. 1. Actually i want to ask which faction is good in PvP? 2. Horde or Alliance? 3. But in PvE? 4. But in WG (Wintergrasp)? I am playing on Horde side, i made a new Hunter. Noxious know me, Bliss too and the other GM's. 😄 Nice to came back here. ❤️ Peace!
  2. Alexandru

    O Hai

    Hello man!! ? I'm really excited too. ? I really want to play here, so i guess i will go on Horde side. Server will be released on 25th January. Glad to see you here, i'm new player.
  3. Well, the beta was really great for me. It was great cause i just test some things that i reported to Nox. I hope they will be fixed soon. ?
  4. Alexandru

    Beta #2 Bug reports

    I was that guy, Wintergrasp it's bugged, you can mount up before battle starts and you can fly to the base. I already reported it. ?
  5. Hello!! Nice memories. :)
  6. Just OmegaWoW. ❤️ 

  7. I think more players will join on Horde side, but we will see when it will be released.
  8. Hello everyone! I'm new on this server, i just came here to introduce myself. I am Alexandru, 19 years old, green eyes, i love all people when they talk nicely. I'm really excited, i really wanna join OmegaWoW server + i really wanna help it much as i can as Game-Master if @Noxious are going to accept my application. So i wanna say hello to everyone, Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy Holidays.