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  1. Tisame

    Raf not working

    That is the premium boost that is showing. The normal RAF body should be active if you have linked to each other.
  2. Pretty sure the Votekick only need 3 out of 5
  3. Make sure you are writing your account name and not your email in the login screen
  4. Probably bots for bypassing the 4 hour chat restriction @Tyreal
  5. Tisame

    How to Delete account?

    You were banned for botting, pretty sure that is an IP ban
  6. There isn't a voting system anymore, it has been replaced with the Omega System. You can read more here:
  7. Ohhh wow XD You are probably better off contacting Hurii via the server Discord 🙂
  8. Exactly 🙂 If you are a few people then you can tag each other in a circle. player 1 tags player 2, player 2 tags player 3 then player 3 tags player 1. Welcome to the server and GL levelling!
  9. I have only found two buggy quests in Northrend so far. Outland, I have only quested in Hellfire and Nagrand.
  10. Ahhh, i thought that it wasn't allowed to directly benefit the other account. But that is good to know 😄
  11. First of all, this is not allowed. You are not permitted to use two characters at once. Secondly, you can only grant 1 level per 2 levels gained so a level 71 warlock should only be able to grant 35 levels.
  12. Hey man! Check out the Guild recruitment sub-forum. Normally people mark thier guild as NA or EU, so just look for the NA ones 😉 GL!
  13. Ahhh shame man, contact @Hurii through discord, he is rarely on forums I believe.
  14. Try this: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/large-address-aware.112556/ If that doesn't help, write your issue and character name in the server discord under #Tech-support