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    Keep in mind 3.3.5 classess are far stronger then 3.0.2 (Naxx) or 3.1.0 (Ulduar) as well so even with the naxxrammas buffs posted, it is still quite easy for the most part.
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    Boss Kill Videos

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    Hi everybody!

    -Horde has more population. ...say 60/40 split. However that does not discount alliance, especially since alliance dominates wintergrasp which may be important for you in terms of PvP or easy profession farming. -I play alliance so I say warlocks are kind of rare, but if your comfortable playing a wide variety of specs/classes then I would recommend a druid/pally because theres always 1 spec from those classes needed, even if the raid has a million boomkins or ret pallies -Now is the perfect time to start, the population is STILL GROWING, which means you willl be able to RDF and find new players in the world, as well as capped players are making and leveling alts now. While the raids have been cleared, its not a big deal because they are easy and you can fit yourself into many pick up groups easily. Get in before Ulduar, which is several months away.
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    Boss Kill Videos

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    Boss Kill Videos

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    Boss Kill Videos

    Hey there, I like making and watching Boss Kills, post your boss kill videos here! Ill start.
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    Wintergrasp needs tuning.

    Its blizzlike that vehicles only receive a 18% health buff https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Tenacity_(Wintergrasp) With some 17-18 stacks of tenacity thats a 300k+ siege vehicle coming at you. Now you may say its unfair because the difference wont be enough against overwhelming odds, I partly agree with you, which is why I recommend a loss-chain forgiveness system that will also give you an ADDITIONAL buff for each loss in a row. (Call it 'To glory' or 'Relentless' or something). This way there can be a guaranteed inevitability that a lesser faction can get WG while still properly rewarding the faction that obviously shows more interest in WG
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    Wintergrasp needs tuning.

    Well when 1 of the horde guilds wants VoA, they tend to take WG when they want. I do think Tenacity should be applied to vehicles, but only health, damage is risky because 1 sneak demolisher can go through your walls before people react. I also think there can be some sort of 'valour' or 'glory' mechanic where the more WGs you loose in a row, the more a separate health/damage buff is given to you and your 3 southern towers which can help give you an edge and not be locked out of WG for days
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    The PvP round robin is not a solution to the current situation as it encourages high level pvp, not low level pvp.
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    This is the list of items with arena rating currently. --Deadly (no weapons btw) Neck - 1600 Tier Gloves - 1615 Belt - 1630 Tier Legs - 1645 Wrist - 1660 Tier Chest - 1675 Ring - 1690 Boots - 1720 Tier Helm - 1735 Cloak - 1750 Shoulder - 1775 Trinket - 1800 --Hateful (no off-pieces btw...I think) Tier Glove - 1750 Tier Legs - 1810 Tier Chest - 1870 WEAPONS - 1930 Tier Helm - 1990 Tier Shoulder - 2050
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    PvP Arena minimum

    Hey there, I just noticed that I received 174 points for a 979 arena during the last flush, this is not blizzlike as the minimum you can receive is 261 points as any rating below 1500 receives the same amount of points. Blizzard changed this during season 6 and later (they also changed teams from starting at 1500 to 0 as well, but this server starts at 1000)
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    PvP Ladder Fix 1) Show top 5 3v3 teams, top 3 5v5 teams in one column stacked on top of eachother. 2) Top 10 Teams, and the ability to scroll or change page number through top 100 teams. 3) Agree, Top 10 Hkillers, and ability to scroll/page through 100-200 Arena 1) Agreed 2) I personally dont care much for spectating, but if devs are busy I could see it be a low priority as well. 3.0) I like the idea of starting players at 1000 as teams dont constantly reform so they can keep their rating somewhat in check and not spend gold to reform and pay for a better rating. I also agree that items should be scaled down to fit, right now for reference the Deadly Gladiator Neck is 1600, Belt 1630, Wrist 1660, and so on. Other servers have even started you at 0 and would throw in 300, 500, 800 items to encourage players who literally cant loose points to keep pushing for those rewards. On here a 1100, 1150, 1200, 1300, 1400 scale would be reasonable as a goal to shoot for. 3.5) You lost me there on wins and losses... World PvP/Battlegrounds/Wintergrasp 1) Inc Cross-Faction 2) World PvP kinda just...sucks, I honestly dont know how you can improve it, they will need to create no-fly zones as well for these events to work (unless they do these events in old Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms like Tarren Mill vs Southshore) 3) If horde wants to raid Vault of Archavon, they will win Wintergrasp. The loss bonus seems to be working well on this server. In regards to low geared players getting gear, its kinda rough, but theres enough ways around it through battlegrounds and badges that its simply inconvenient rather then detrimental. On an offnote, im concerned at the lack of pvp rewards that require 3v3 and 5v5 rating, nor can you get weapons in Savage, Hateful tiers, only in Deadly tier, and there is no 2200, 2350 brackets (The highest is shoulders 2050 which has already been reached only a few weeks in) but I suppose thats more a cataclysm thing to be fair...
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    On the Coast of the great salt lake here!