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  1. Natibros

    ninja loot

    Hi, I'm sorry to read this has happened to you but unfortunately there is nothing we can do at the moment. We are looking into a system to prevent this from happening in the future. Thank you for your understanding Natibros
  2. Hi Bralex, Do you share your internet connection with anyone else? Is it cable or are you using Wifi? Nati
  3. Natibros

    Download for mac? :)

    Hi Lewes, Thanks for the information, I'm sure many Mac users will be happy to find a solution if they run into the same problem! Nati
  4. Natibros

    Download for mac? :)

    Hi Lewes, My friend ran into this problem as well and downloaded the client you can find on Warmane (https://www.warmane.com/download) and it resolved his issue. Could you please try this one and let me know if it works? Natibros
  5. Natibros


    Have you changed to the correct realm list mate?
  6. Natibros

    Hi everybody!

    Hi Crimson, welcome to Omega! I will try answering your questions from a personal perspective, so take them with a pinch of salt :) It's definitely not too late, Naxx was only released last month and we still have some time before Ulduar comes out! So, don't let this hold you back :) As for factions, Horde has the higher popularity but the Alliance side has been increasing steadily. You can see the current amount of players of both factions online on the main page (https://omegawow.eu/) As for classes this is probably the hardest one, as guild leader on the horde side I can tell you that rogues are definitely "rare" and also hunters. At the end of the day you should play what you enjoy the most tho! Enjoy your time on Omega and don't hesitate to poke me for further questions. /Nati
  7. Natibros

    Bot report - Samipet

    Thank you for your report i will look into this and take appropriate action.
  8. Natibros


    Hi Mattimo! Welcome to Omegawow!
  9. Natibros

    Hallo hallo!

    Hallo iedereen! Ik ben de nieuwe Nederlandstalige Community Manager voor Omega! Poke mij gerust op de forums of op Discord indien je vragen of problemen hebt! Peace Nati