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  1. zorreg

    Brainstorming for Gold Seller Problem

    3. Release a Marketplace where players can trade gold for Donationpoints with other Players
  2. zorreg

    Ban Appeal - thegreat

    Side Note: Any punishment that can be applied to an IP address as well, are applied to an IP address and not only to a character or an account. This means that if you share your IP address with other people, for instance when you live in the same house with someone else who plays on OmegaWoW or when you play at a local internet cafe, you risk getting your accounts closed as well when another person on the same IP address gets banned. Therefore, we strongly advise never to share your IP address with other people, but if that is simply not possible then be very sure you can trust those other people with your IP address. Either way, in case of a permanent ban you can never use the excuse that it was someone else on your IP address who violated the rules, period! He dont need a proof for ur acc!
  3. zorreg

    ninja loot

    No thats not ok, in my oppinion, but he dont violate any official rules if he does it! Did he something wrong? Yea in my Oppinion, its a "StupidDumbshitGoddamnedMotherfknAshhole" Move from him. Did he break the rules? Maybe he breaks the "Unwritten Unofficial Community Nettiquette", but no official blizz or server rules! So why he should get punished from staff, and why they should give u the trinket!
  4. zorreg

    ninja loot

    No thats only unwritten rules, made by the community and no server rules and also it was never blizz rules. if u able to need on it, u can need it. Tahts it. Kappa Also if u join a raid with loot master, the loot master can do with the loot what he wants, as long as he didnt posted specific loot rules @ raid channel before the raid started. Ths is why Blizzard in later expansions released personal loot!
  5. zorreg

    ninja loot

    The rules? Which rules? If its Group loot or need for greed loot, and he can roll need on it he can need it. Thats the rules. He didnt anything against the rules, but if u take a look @ ur guildname im pretty sure this is a violance against the server rules. " Offensive guild names. (this may vary from things like 'WaffenSS' to 'Double Penetration'). Offensive guild names will be punished by disbanding of the guild and thus the loss of the guild bank (including items); The Final Solution, was a Nazi plan for the genocide of Jews!
  6. zorreg

    Can't log in

    1. Make sure you created a HP-Acc (Ingame-Acc) https://omegawow.eu/register and not a Forum-Acc. 2. Start from WoW.exe not the wowlauncher 3. check ur realmlist again
  7. zorreg


  8. 52 talent points @ LvL 61 are right. A Level 80 Toon has 71, talent Points 71- 19 (you will get 1 each level) = 52