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    ninja loot

    Hello. There is no Blizzard Rule that was broken. I agree, there is a "community / unwritten rule" not to ninja other classes' gear. Basically, if you play Tank and another one plays dps and you both roll NEED on a tank item and the other person wins, then that person has to give it to you...as you're MAIN spec and the other is OFF Spec. As a rule of thumb, if you need an item for offspec, you must press NEED so the item won't get Desenchanted. If you look, some players pressed DESENCHANT so that other player was obliged to press need to prevent item desenchanting. I know how bad it is when you only need 1-2 items and you have to farm those specific dungeons. I remember habing to stay in queue as tank ~ 30 mins in VH and AN queue (specific queue) so that I will have the ONLY right to press need on the tanking trinkets. In conclusion, if that person did NOT say "hey, I will roll need on X/Y item as it's the last one I need" and just did it..it's bad behavior towards the community and players. For example, I tanked @ lvl 80 dozens of dungeons. First I geared my tanking spec then I was rolling need for dps items, but I always said "I will roll for dps spec as main spec" and let every1 know from beginning.
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