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  1. Ah, player from iNsAnE... Case dissmised
  2. Totally normal, horde group does same for alliance Auctioneers Stop complaining. just hang out more in Org and other cities, so you be fast on defending 🙂
  3. Uncheck "At War" in Reputation Tab
  4. Hey, got a question, we all know that alot of players using WoD Models nowadays, what is staff politics about this? I would like to use some race changer, so i assume if using of WoD Models is OK, race changer must be same?
  5. Mehrshad is rare bitch. Always kick him whenever you see him joining a group
  6. Legron

    ninja loot

    Will ignore him too, and i'll try to convince guild members to do the same. Players with such behavior should be banished from community itself.
  7. Dual Boxing on Retails is allowed only because you pay for each account you play with. On other hand, on private servers you can, for example farm Wintergrasp with 10 man dualboxing, buying Epic Gems in future with all of them and so on, which can ruin economy. Also lets say you want to join a RHC/RDF with 3 DPS on multibox, and roll need on anything? Tank+Healer wont be able to kick you for such behavior because kick needs 3 votes And so on and so on...
  8. Got kicked from group with 2 bull up members as my alt. Today took revenge as main 😉
  9. Legron


    Is that a big difference with current situation? 1000 points vs 650? I'm not complaining, it's just saddens me, lets face it, with current system arena wont be alive (If we don't call 20 teams playing each other over and over again "alive")
  10. Ah, crybaby from WG :))))
  11. Legron


    Well, i think that team arena rating starting on 1000 totally killing vibe for casuals to play at all, making Arena worthless for most of the players. Without so called "middle class" that plays inbetween 1450-1650 rating (majority of teams during wotlk) you'll see only TOP players playing it
  12. Legron


    I agree on what Mental said, and like a Kefkoes suggestion too
  13. Chill, lazy tauren warrior has arrived. And looking for a good company, so will be happy to join a cool/chill guild too.