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  1. Greetings Omega, I cannot begin to express how happy I am what you guys are back! I also like what you've done with the place... I've been playing here since 2010 - the "old guard" could know my (fairly) inept PvP hunter Capella or my (totally) inept PvE paladin Avalon. I had some unforgettable time in this place and this community. Met a lot of friends here, with some of whom we still keep in touch so many years later. Also, in the autumn of 2012, while selling glyphs in front of allies's bank in Dalaran, I met a girl who later became my wife. We are now expecting our second child, having a life none of us dreamed of back then. It was made all possible because of this place, so we cant help but feel sentimental about it. We are back - my wife and I, currently getting our asses farmed in STV by horde 🙂 We will not be able to partake in any high-level PvE or PvP due to RL and babies but we are both happy and privileged to be a part of this community in any capacity possible. Warmest regards from my Omega-made family: