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    Are you launching the game from WoW directory? Or did you create a shortcut?
  2. Bliss

    Hunter's pet dead

    Please report this problem using in game ticket system. This way we will have more info about your character and can help you right away.
  3. Bliss

    Discord bans

    You were banned for advertisement by Alia. I have unbanned you but next next rule break will result in permanent ban.
  4. Bliss

    First log in not working

    If you did what @Elrohir suggested and it's still not working pm me on here or on discord.
  5. Furious Gladiator Rewards: 2v2 rewards: 1st place: Team name: Exploit or die Rewarded players: Expert, Infrex Rating: 2670 Furious Gladiator title – permanently, Furious Gladiator's Frost Wyrm mount 2nd place: Team name: letsgo Rewarded players: Zulatyx, Kefkoe Rating: 2421 Gladiator title – permanently, Furious Gladiator's Frost Wyrm mount 3rd place: Team name: excalibored Rewarded players: Excentrik, Bonerbob Rating: 2303 Gladiator title – for one season, Furious Gladiator's Frost Wyrm mount 4th place: Team name: hi Rewarded players: Freezepolice, Eltupi Rating: 2277 Duelist title – for one season 5th place: Team name: Need for Feed Rewarded players: Neepzen, Towarzysz Rating: 2265 Duelist title – for one season 6th place: Team name: Destructores de leyendas Rewarded players: Jhannah, Morthcell Rating: 2210 Duelist title – for one season 7th place: Team name: belli e croccanti Rewarded players: Neverardent, Applebaby Rating: 2200 Duelist title – for one season 8th place: Team name: Ntinaxui PvP Rewarded players: Atropos, Loss Rating: 2176 Rival title – for one season 9th place: Team name: wow school Rewarded players: Forthelulz, Happenz Rating: 2174 Rival title – for one season 10th place: Team name: tunnel Rewarded players: Jumpingfish, Apeclass Rating: 2166 Rival title – for one season 11th place: Team name: boostedape Rewarded players: Letsgochamp, Mcaron Rating: 2165 Rival title – for one season 12th place: Team name: squad minus Rewarded players: Amk Rating: 2162 Rival title – for one season 13th place: Team name: STRONK BGS HERE Rewarded players: Healuself, Pekapa Rating: 2147 Rival title – for one season 14th place: Team name: Follow the flow Rewarded players: Paladins, Warri Rating: 2146 Rival title – for one season 15th place: Team name: xD Rewarded players: Nerdstomperz, Blem Rating: 2124 Rival title – for one season 16th place: Team name: le coco chanel Rewarded players: Lipstick, Nerdstomperx Rating: 2122 Challenger title – for one season 17th place: Team name: oom Rewarded players: Unhumble, Nerdstomper Rating: 2119 Challenger title – for one season 18th place: Team name: Fidde Rewarded players: Gotland, Xqc Rating: 2096 Challenger title – for one season 19th place: Team name: capping for pts Rewarded players: Rimo, Saimnxed Rating: 2055 Challenger title – for one season 20th place: Team name: bestcomp Rewarded players: Psycroptik, Asteroid Rating: 2037 Challenger title – for one season 3v3 rewards: 1th place: Team name: KoubalitikosAtropos Rewarded players: Loss, Yogtzel, Atropos Rating: 1785 Rival title – for one season 2th place: Team name: DONT REWARD THIS BRACKET Rewarded players: Jumpingfish, Eltupi, Excentrik Rating: 1499 Rival title – for one season 3th place: Team name: Untamed Exposed Rewarded players: Blackship, Nanda, Crimz Rating: 1406 Rival title – for one season 4th place: Team name: Untamed Trilogy Rewarded players: Bubblebuttox, Gamezone, Aureliaqt Rating: 1363 Challenger title – for one season 5th place: Team name: Christian Mingle Rewarded players: Rise, Hulkamania, Atsuka Rating: 1326 Challenger title – for one season Rewards will be sent in next 48h.
  6. OmegaWoW: Call of the Crusade! Less than a week is left before the first stage of patch 3.2 - Call of the Crusade launches. Here, I'd like to share more details with you about the upcoming patch. In the first stage (17.07.2019 18:00 Server Time) we will release the Trial of the Champion dungeon as well as Onyxia's Lair. Besides that, Ulduar will be set to its 3.3.5 state (post-nerf), to allow players to catch up on content. We will also upload miscellaneous updates to Argent Tournament and professions (such as prospecting Titanium and the addition of Epic Gems). And there's one more thing that will happen then. We will allow character transfers from other servers. Week before ToC launch is the best time to join our server. You'll have enough time to catch up on items. Of course we won't allow players to bring their whole characters. We will give them a token that allow them to boost one character to lvl 80 and get basic gear for their class and specialization, so they'll be able to go on raids or battlegrounds/arenas. This won't be the best gear so there will be no favoritism towards new players. Ending of Furious Gladiator season is scheduled at 16.07, 23:00 Realm Time after an additional arena flush. We will back up all rankings and the Season Summary will be posted after looking through the data. This is a long process, so it may take up to one week. More about it in the PvP topic. In the second stage (24.07.2019 18:00 Server Time) we will release the Trial of the Crusader raid. Vault of Archavon will be reset on 24.07.2019 and closed until 18:00 to implement the new boss - Koralon the Flame Watcher. Other changes in 3.2: Argent Tournament: NPC Dame Evniki Kapsalis added. Crusader daily quests for players with <Crusader> title will be available. Sunreavers (Horde) / Silver Covenant (Alliance) daily quests added (check requirements). Black Knight's chain added 2 quests. PVP: Knight Dameron and Stone Guard Mukar will sell 232iLvl legs for 40x Wintergrasp Mark of Honor and rings and wrists (226 iLvl) for 15x Wintergrasp Mark of Honor. Other: Titanium Ore - besides the standard drop, it has 75% chance to drop Titanium Powder and 3.3% chance of epic gem drop. All epic gems added to Icy Prism loot table with 1.17% drop chance. Captain O'Neal and Lady Palanseer are going to sell epic gems, 10000 Honor Points each. Rare gems will get removed. Magistrix Lambriesse, Arcanist Ivrenne, Harold Winston are going to sell epic gems for Emblems of Heroism. Cardinal Ruby quest is going to be available. Transmute: Titanium will have 8h cooldown. Alchemy trainers will teach you how to transmute epic gems.
  7. OmegaWoW: Season 6 Ending and Season 7 PvP Changes The PvP topic has already been raised several times in previous announcements about Call of the Crusade patch launch. In this post, I want to describe elements related to pvp. Those mentioned before and those that were never made available to the public. Furious Gladiator season (6) will end at 16.07, 23:00 Realm Time. Before it we will make an additional arena flush so all your progress will be saved. We will then look trough the data and make a season summary and send rewards (about week after season end). Furious Gladiator season Rewards will be similar to those from previous season: 2v2: (Same as in season 5) 1st place: Furious Gladiator title – permanently, Furious Gladiator's Frost Wyrm mount 2nd-3rd: Gladiator title – for one season, Furious Gladiator's Frost Wyrm mount 4th - 7th place: Duelist title – for one season. 8th - 15th place: Rival title – for one season. 16th - 20th place: Challenger title – for one season. 3v3: 1st - 3rd place: Rival title – for one season. 4th - 5th place: Challenger title – for one season. Teams with racist/vulgar/insulting names won't be considered to season rewards. We will check arena logs for wintrading and use of illegal software. Teams with only one member won't get season rewards. In each team only 2(2v2)/3(3v3) players with highest score will get rewards. Season 7 will begin at 24.07.2019 18:00 Server Time Due to changes in our PvP system we need to reset more currencies than usual. Arena Points are going to be reset as usual. Beside it we will also change other currencies like: Honor, Wintergrasp Mark of Honor, Stone Keeper's Shards. Please be aware that we won't take all your points. We will reduce them to balance the economy with upcoming PvP system changes. Honor points will be reduced as follows: If you have more than 70000 we will take 50% of excess, so if you have 75000 you'll have 72500 after squash. Those 50% will be converted to gold (2HP = 1G) OmegaWoW staff is aware of current state of PvP. Season length is reduced by almost half compared to blizzlike time. People may have trouble to get their honor gear/arena gear in time. Having that in mind we decided to boost rates of PvP currencies to make gearing easier and more "possible". Rates will look as follows: Arena Points - x2 Wintergrasp Mark of Honor - x2 Stone Keeper's Shards - increased from 10 to 15 per quest Honor cap will be set to 100000. Besides those changes we will also host more PvP events were you'll be able to get special tokens that may be exchanged for currencies. More info about those tokens will be posted with first 3.2 event announcement.
  8. Bliss


    If you got muted you should open a ticket in game. /run ToggleHelpFrame(1)
  9. Your ban was reduced to 30 days.
  10. We checked logs multiple times. There were teams that were only created for fights with your team. Many of them had players with same IP. Also we had many reports in our message system (we only log messages with keywords like gold, money, wintrade, etc) that were sent to/from your team to/from players in opposite team. This was checked by 3 team members and they came to the same conclusion, that it was wintrading. Therefore accounts connected to your arena team were banned. We are confident of our decision and we will not change it.
  11. We are gathering all your opinions about xfaction system. We will address them in upcoming announcements and updates.
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    Login after Registration

    Forum account is not connected to game account. To create a game account visit https://omegawow.eu/register
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    ip ban

    This IP is not banned. Wait some time and try again.
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    Ban Appeal

  15. We listen to the community in the OmegaWoW team. That is why we would like to ask for your opinion about upcoming Ulduar release. Poll will be closed on 24/04/2019 00:00 (Server Time).