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  1. HI Nathantothec, I love how you specifically ss'ed 2 lines and got it out of context. Not sure how long you played wotlk for but VOA 10 is a joke and most groups should be formed if possible with one class of each in order to not compete for gear. To give a full perspective since your comment is misleading, at that time there where 2 voa 10 groups and since we are so few shamans in the guild I said you should join the other group or wait for additional runs in the next days. I even mentioned to the guild that I will do another run in the weekend with my DK and people who did get in will have a spot. Not to mention that as I said, the raid is very easy and can be cleared in 8 people or pugs. I didn't even mentioned anything about your spec, since we were full on healers. May I ask why you didnt join the other group or wait for the 25 man than happened after. If you ask anyone in the guild they can confirm that there was the other shammy online in the guild in the 25 man raid, you could have joined as well. Instead, what you decided to do is to trow accusations out of the window and flame me for not taking you in the OS25 grp. Even tho I explained to you that we were pushing for 3 drakes and practice will the group that will run the first naxx 25. At the same time, I wasn't handling invites but even if I were I wouldn't have invited you for the reasons mentioned above. May I ask as well why you haven't joined the other os 25 no drakes that was pugged with the rest of the server? Anyway, you seem to be very gear hungry and toxic so I'm not gonna lie I'm happy you rage-quit the guild. Keep being salty and good luck in your future endeavours.