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  1. You will need to first visit the Alchemy trainer in Thrallmar, in Hellfire Peninsula, they will offer a choice of 3 quests that lets you to choose between the specialties of Elixir/ Potion/ Transmute Mastery. Pick the Elixir Mastery quest and then head to Shattarth to talk to Lorokeem, who will offer you the quest needed for specializing.
  2. Or if you dislike modifiers, #showtooltip /castsequence reset=3/nocombat Windfury Weapon, Flametongue Weapon This will cast Windfury on main hand & Flametongue on off hand, but it can fail.
  3. Try the macro below out, at work so can't test it out but should fit your needs. #showtooltip /cast [mod:shift] Frostbrand Weapon;[mod:alt] Flametongue Weapon; Windfury Weapon /use [mod:alt]17; [mod:shift][nomod]16 If you hold nothing, it casts Wind Fury on MH. If you hold Shift, it casts Frostbrand on MH. If you hold ALT, it casts Flametongue on OH.
  4. You can use the command before playing 4hrs, just randomly create a party & type it out in party chat 😄 Or do what I did, log in via the wow-mini client(cause it doesn't get dc'd for afk time) and leave the toon logged in for 4hrs while watching a movie/tv show 😄
  5. I asked a similar question though via PM's and this is the reply I got. So if the race changer you mentioned is similar as in it just patches the MPQ files to modify the race models used, it should be fine. But use at your own risk. I for one, stopped using the WoD models since its not worth the risk of getting a ban & the hassle of then having to wait for a ban appeal to be processed before I can play again.
  6. Is anyone able to view this page: https://omegawow.eu/policies/terms I keep getting redirected to the home page when I try to open it.
  7. Cause Omega is weird and its bannable here.
  8. @Bojantds95 My sympathies, d-bag behavior like this is something you'll need to get used to when playing online games, I'm not saying that its correct but there is almost nothing you can do about it than hope that maybe the staff would intervene, but that's unlikely. Since at this point its only your word against his, with no proof of what actually happened, a screenshot the in-game chat of you asking them why you were kicked and their reply would help your case immensely. Though this isn't the 1st time I've seen/heard of behavior like this from players of this guild, the question is: Are they just the random bad eggs or is the guild it self entirely corrupted to the point where they see nothing wrong in abusing the non-guild players who happen to end up in their rdf/raid groups? If its a guild wide toxic behavior then maybe the staff should intervene and show them the door.
  9. Relina


    You can get the wotlk versions of most addons from: https://bestwowaddons.com/wotlk/
  10. You can head to either Silvermoon City (as horde) or to Exodar (as alliance) if you need a JC trainer, those are the only 2 places in the old world maps where they are accessible during the wotlk expansion. This is due to JC as a profession being added in TBC expac and the trainers are only available in post TBC maps (Silvermoon & Exodar were added to the old world map in the TBC patch). So if you need a JC trainer, either head to those 2 cities or to Outlands (get a Mage to port you to Shattrath) or Northrend (get a Mage to port you to Dalaran).
  11. TBH blacklists never work cause the pro-ninja's will just name change or even faction change in addition to a name change. So why you would be against them being shared on forums/discord is just a bit funny 🙂 A single player isn't always indicative of guild and to judge a whole guild based on the actions of one bad egg is a bit too reactionary so don't go around throwing shade on the whole guild just yet. Though based on posts on this thread, seems players from <Dawn> have a bad rep. My advice is just /ignore that player cause if the RDF system is working properly, then players on the in-game ignore list wouldn't be grouped up with you.
  12. If the RDF system is working properly, then all you'd need to do is to ignore said player & you'll never get grouped with them again. And if you want him dealt with best contact an officer from which ever guild he belongs to though sometimes that won't help either (cause birds of a feather & what not), or just shame him on world/discord.
  13. TBH it depends on what conditions are being used to de-mark active players from in-active players but AFAIK the cleanup scripts don't check guild activity but rather the player activity and reason why dead guilds get disbanded is due to the inactive guild leader account being deleted rather than the guild itself being a target of deletion. But usually one man guilds won't be effected by cleanup scripts cause even if the guild is small in size, due to you using the account to access the bank it will be flagged as being an active player. Anyway an Omegawow staff member would be needed if you want a proper answer 🙂