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  1. Stomp


    I think I remember you 😮 Weren't you that bald Human Warrior? 😛
  2. What is grant a level? o:
  3. Stomp

    All Hail

    Welcome to OmegaWoW! I saw your topic in the Inn. Always nice to see people come with suggestions to improve the server.
  4. I agree with point 3 & 5. About points 1, 2 & 4 I’m neutral. Point 2 & 4 aren’t rly necessary imo, but I wouldn’t mind. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
  5. Degul is alrdy back online now! ❤️ Ty for the advice tho.
  6. Stomp

    What to roll?

    From what I heard there's a lack of Frost DK's currently, so that's probably a good option. No idea of how difficult they are to play on a high level though.
  7. What's your char now? o: I tried adding "Blackhawk" to frends but it said that that's an Alliance char? :O
  8. Stomp


    Welcome 🙂
  9. Stomp


    I don't see any reason to limit level donation to lvl 70 either...I have plans for a few characters, but if I have to do all the Northrend stuff again I will probably only donate for one char.
  10. Stomp


    Rawr! What's your character's name now?
  11. Stomp

    Merry meet!

    Cool intro 🙂 Welcome!
  12. Blacky ❤️❤️❤️
  13. Stomp


    Laf u ❤️
  14. Stomp

    Who stole my name?

    I think I remember you! Weren’t you that Belf Paladin who was in Untamed too?