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    Not particularly keen on the idea of paying for levels to be honest. exp boosts are fine, but I feel like instantly levelling takes the fun out of the server.
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    Hello! I'm ZYMA. This is the first private server that I'm properly investing myself in so I figured I'd post a little introduction thing. I'm hoping to play on horde side as either a paladin or warlock. I first started playing WoW after seeing a banner ad on Newgrounds for the opening of ICC, and that was enough to pull me into the game. I never played that much and only really started to play properly in Legion, however after seeing the direction WoW is going with BFA I've decided to go back and try to get to late game in wrath. Hope to see you all around. If there are any guilds that take on 'new' players, feel free to whisper either ZYMA on Horde or ZYMADin on Alli.
  3. After downloading the OmegaWoW client, making an account and logging in, every time I try to change the screen resolution from default to 1920x1080, the game crashes. Is there any solution to this or am I stuck on 1024x768?