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  1. its all good now Kef, vendors up , teams reseted
  2. Desbobis


    so fkn leave then? your post is completely useless and stupid
  3. yday we was playing a lot of games , and frames started to bug out for couple games, i did relog and next game evrything was perfect , not sure if it was coincidence but relog fixed it for next few games
  4. its better for sure but still bugs in couple games
  5. so u got mad about this?? so u kept kicking us out of WG? get a life man, hope they will bann your arse. hunter using mail gear not leather so whos ninja here then
  6. yep same was to me, he kicked me as well. And if wg is full u get ported out of wg when u try to enter. so he kicked us by some reason on purpose
  7. I dont think that trink should be useable in arena
  8. pretty sure u are not allowed to use this trinket in arena won them like 6-0 still
  9. Desbobis


    VANKOSUK OMG ❤️ send me msg when u on! i will save ya char name
  10. Desbobis

    xfaction bgs

    This thing actually so boosted bg activity and sooo many more started to actually q for bgs. Back to never ending gear farm......
  11. Desbobis

    xfaction bgs

    Bgs dead pvp bb cya
  12. Desbobis

    xfaction bgs

    WHY? are xfaction bgs disabled????? all we get now is 3v3 bgs and 15min q times?????? soooo disappointed
  13. big no, already need to grind like mad to get honor for all offsets and sets. no way to make it 1x make it better 3x
  14. So dont play "retarded" bracket and go do pve. Simple as that. I guess only u think its retarded bracket anyway. Since ppl are active enuf in it.