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    :omega: :ally: :hord: :anvil: :ohboi:
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    All Hail

    Thank you for the warm welcome. It feels good to play with friendly people
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    Thank you for your response. I guess it is not hard to bound account to google authentication. That would be a great feature.
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    All Hail

    Hello everyone, I am Orthrin/Mima your fellow human mage. I hope this would be an enduring and pleasing community which we could experience WoTLK atmosphere together!
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    Suggestions & Discussions

    Hello everyone, I have a few suggestions: 1- Change the logo and text style of server's name >> As you know the logo is very important as they give the first impression to newcomers about the quality of server and abstraction for brandmark. I consider current logo does not match with the fantasy-theme and graphical style of World of Warcraft. Therefore I suggest it to change it. You may consider to create contest for as server became more crowded in time, or simply hire a graphical artist. 2- Add optional 2-step authentication (preferably Google) >> We are spending a high amount of time on wow accounts became precious if you add two-step authentication and computer recognization that would prevent or at least minimizes account thievery occurrences. It is both helpful for staff and players. 3- Show total player number on the website >> For many private server players. One of the most important aspects of the game is crowdedness. It is good to know how many horde and alliance players are online but total numbers may convince newcomers to start. 4- Optimize forum interface >> I think forum structure is not well organized it's hard to reach desired information. Categorization could be discussed. 5- Add transmogrification system >> I don't know if there is any plan with it but it would be a nice feature to see in WotLK server. Thank you for your time and consideration