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  1. My character name is Gilda, Another friend is suffering the same problem his name is Arkzar
  2. I have also the same problem
  3. Orthrin


    Multiboxing is applied with a third-party application which should and already considered as illegal, I am still angry how Blizzard allowed it for long years, but its obvious money talks as long as it profits more. I have seen how multiboxing ruined dozens of people's pvp experience and caused their departure from the game. What for? Only to satisfy some sassy rich kid's distorted way of pleasure. I cannot even have empathy for the fun of multiboxing. What is the level of impotence causing one to deceive themselves with fake achievements? This is pathetic. It is ruining the story, it is ruining the logic, it is ruining the gameplay, it is ruining the experience of other players. To summarize, it is not acceptable and clearly declared as forbidden act on the rules. This is one of the greatest reasons, I am advocating and playing on this server. Oh but, you paid on the non-official server you can do whatever you want? This is one of the sassiest statements I have seen on the internet. Do you want to single hit everything you see? Go play some singleplayer game with cheats, but if you want to apply the same thing on people, go somewhere else nobody is your play doll.
  4. Time of Occurance: 2019-Jun-13 21:42 ST Player Name: Sopi Dungeon: Utgarde Pinnacle Explanation: He refused to continue dungeon even we warned him what he do is against server rules more than once. According to declared server rules we are expecting him to be punished. Evidence:
  5. It is nice to see, kind people who are giving attention to their way of speak. Welcome fellow member of Alliance, I hope could have a great WotLK experience!
  6. The thing they do might be considered as disrespectful to you and you are free to ignore them. However, expecting them to be punished is a totally different thing. I think, this, political correctness issue needs to be ended. Because of one simple reason, religion is not an objective thing to discuss. If your faith is totally opposing to the others, saying respect my religion is not really solving any problem at all. People make fun of Jesus, people make fun of Buddha, people make fun of anything that is potentially sacred to anyone. Nobody is overreacting it, but in the case of Allah, you are expecting some kind of privilege, which is really open-ended. For instance, I could say my religion is potato and I expect from you to respect my religion. Does it legitimize for me to expect to ban for whose talking disrespectfully to potato? If you say yes, nobody could say anything because everything could be claimable as sacred by anyone. If you say no, you are simply asking for the privilege for your religion. Humans have rights, not ideas.
  7. Orthrin

    disable transmog

    Indeed it is probably the most legit thing to pay. If you are going to tax bread or diamond, basic logic would expect for you to pay for the diamond. Cosmetics are not a necessity but a luxury. If you want to set a drain to prevent inflation, paying for luxury is the most realistic and reasonable thing to do.
  8. Orthrin

    disable transmog

    How do you justify this?
  9. 1,2: I am not having gold spam messages lately, Thanks for precautions and congratulations! 3: My suggestion is faction transfer could be both omega coin or donation point. For instance, 10 donation point or 200 omega coin. (prices are just random) Faction 1 | Faction 2 46~50% | 50~54% => Full cost for for both transfer 40~46% | 54~60% => 50% cost discount for not crowded while +50% cost towards the crowded faction. For instance, assume Alliance is between 40~46% in weekly mean, system will autonomously adjust price for Horde to Alliance as 7 donation point or 100 omegacoin, while the Alliance to Horde cost will be 15 donation point or 300 omegacoin. Below 38% | Over +62% => Free for not crowded while x2 cost for crowded faction. If the weight difference is hardly broken. In case of Alliance is suffering, Horde to Alliance will be free. While Alliance to Horde will cost 20 donation point or 400 omegacoin.
  10. Do you aware of the restrictions of grant a level feature?
  11. Thank you for your consideration. 1- Capital letter usage could be handled by regex, bots spamming it because they are earning money from it. If you cut off the understandability of their message this may prevent their endeavour. 2- About the discourse system it was basically flag usage for people. When people report botters with /report or command something like this, after a point (example 100) a point it will be reported to gms for control. If it is a true bot, players who have reported it will gain vote strength. And next time will have more power on reporting. If people abuse their vote weight will be disabled. It may require a database but could set self-governing help center mechanism. As well as game related questions. 3- It is not a good idea to make faction transfer easy. I think it must be possible but high cost and this cost should be oriented with the formula on top for the sake of balance. Otherwise, when people want to win bg they would just simply change their factions, this would inflate unbalance.
  12. I will remind some of my old suggestions in which I think that will help the server improvements. Adding 2 step Authentication Feature This will prevent account theft issues, and bring more people to the server. Many players do not want to play on private servers because they are not convinced of the protection of their labor. This is not only providing safety for existing players but also persuading newcomers about their labor will be protected. Some other private servers gained their players' trust only by this system. Community Guild & 40 Level Whisper Restriction 40 level whisper restriction will cut off a high portion of gold sellers because it requires a high amount of time to grind. Community guild that will invite people automatically or by /command could help to level people to organize among themselves. Prevent Capital Letter Usage in Whispers Goldsellers are using capital letters, prevent it with regex. There is no specific reason that I think to use capital letters in whispers. Besides we should not be shouting while whispering Create Subreddit for Advertisement and Discussions Instead of using high price facebook advertisement use Reddit platform to introduce the qualities of the server. Many people are starting on servers by learning about them from Reddit posts. Because somehow it set its legitimacy among people. Use volunteer moderators. Player Based Bot Control & Game Master Mechanism Set a command-based system for players to help each other as well as bot control. Create a level system on the trust to reward people for the contributions to community work. An example system for trust factor that might be adjusted: https://blog.discourse.org/2018/06/understanding-discourse-trust-levels/ Create Class Discussions Category on Forum When people search for improvement in their class they will lead to omegawow's website. Create Addon Database Compatible with 3.3.5 Same reason as the top. Faction Transfer Utilities for Automated Balance 46~50% | 50~54% => Full cost 40~46% | 54~60% => 50% cost discount for not crowded while +50% cost towards the crowded faction Below 38% | Over +62% => Free for not crowded while x2 cost for crowded faction Thank you for your considerations and time
  13. Since our beloved staff doing nothing about the not completely solved gold seller problem. I found an addon that could help you on the issue This addon allowing you to block the endless amount of people not in the serverside cache but your own computer. Here is the download link: https://www.wowace.com/projects/ignore-more/files/439335/download
  14. There is an offer discord provides for crowded channel owners. I suggest server channel can apply for that at least we could have customized server link such as discord.gg/omegawow Here is the link for the application: https://discordapp.com/partners If it does not work here 3rd party service to create custom server links: https://discord.io/