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  1. Orthrin


    It is nice to see that our community is growing. Welcome back! glory awaits you
  2. Orthrin

    Error #132 After Quit

    I know this asked before but I could not managed to find topic. I get this error after exiting the game and I am having `not responding` state frequently especially in raids. How can I solve this?
  3. Orthrin

    VIP "1month"

    Providing "exclusive features" which are altering the game mechanics and can not obtainable by in-game labor is considered pay-to-win. It does not have to be an item. Learn about the concept you are talking about before commenting on it.
  4. Orthrin

    VIP "1month"

    hell no. pay to win mechanisms are what is ruining the mmos
  5. Orthrin

    Looking for Shaman Macro

    /castsequence reset=5 Windfury Weapon, Flametongue Weapon; /castsequence reset=5 16, 17; /click StaticPopup1Button1 /castsequence reset=5 Windfury Weapon, Flametongue Weapon; /castsequence reset=5 16, 17; /click StaticPopup1Button1 I found this one. Perfectly working for me
  6. Orthrin

    Looking for Shaman Macro

    I am looking for enhancement shaman macro that enhances weapons with different enhancements with single button. Main Hand > Windfury Off Hand > Flametongue Could anyone help me ? Thanks in advance
  7. Orthrin

    Any possible decrease on Latency:MS Issues?

    I don't think it is something that you can fix since it is a physical condition; except if you are not considering to move Europe
  8. Orthrin

    Auction house scan

    Could you give a link or version of the addon?
  9. Orthrin

    Suggestions #3 | Forum Improvements

    Prevent multiple-appearance of the same post in post section. The same post may come to the top. But it won't prevent up-to-date posts from decay.
  10. Orthrin


    same error occuring
  11. Orthrin

    DG Ninja: Protspec

    Time of Occurance: 2019-Apr-05 ST 21:54 Dungeon: Culling of Stratholme Ninja Name: Protspec Class/Spec: Frost DK Incident Report: He rolled for tank item which I need a lot and immediately left the dungeon. I could not take a screenshot of his equipment since I haven't time for that. After then he immediately log off. ChatProof Screenshoot: [I know it does not identfying anything. I hope it can be identified from logs as there is precise time]
  12. Orthrin

    "Jokes about Mom"+ Caps on world

    we really need to stop that "I am offended" culture.
  13. Orthrin

    Ninja Reporting Criteria

    Good criteria identification. But as its factual, the more you write, the fewer people read. You may consider to create tldr; a section for rules which only include compulsory requirements of ninja reports.
  14. Orthrin

    Brainstorming: Bot Gatherers

    Good offering, it may not be perfectly applicable due to reasons that Tisame pointed; but brainstorming isn't for bringing a best-rasterized solution. I think quantity over quality is more important in such activity. What you suggest may create a progression link or start point in someone else's mind, as well as Tisame showing that its problems. It is both a valuable contribution in different ways. Don't take it personally and continue. Therefore we may create a good solution as a result of the collective mind (like science). I like your comprehensive analyses.
  15. Orthrin

    Brainstorming: Bot Gatherers

    One of the bleeding problems is bot gatherers in server. They are having unfair gains, affecting ingame economy negatively, degrading labor of honest players. I would like to introduce a brainstorming sessions for bot gatherer problem. Initial suggestion: ask simple automated questions to ones gathering in regular intervals. If they won't answer server made them disconnect. If this is happens regularly, staff checks the person and ban them.