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  1. And why exactly would you continue playing? Considering it was already pretty late (2,3 am?) and nobody was in que, you secured your spot with those 2 games, why would you continue playing? You wouldn't have overtaken the number 5 rank anyway so there's no point in playing. It seems to me that you win traded those 2 games to become rank 5 and stopped immediately so that you don't raise suspicion and get away with it smoothly. I don't want harm to anybody,just don't like cheaters.
  2. He wintraded for sure. Just before he did wintrade i asked him what rank he is ,he said rank 7 and i told him that then he is rank 6 since rank 4 was banned.They needed 2 wins for rank 6 which is actually rank 5 since rank 4 (Nallie and Rhygina were banned) got removed at the end of the season.
  3. wanting so hard Glad title that u have to cheat for it...so sad xD