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  1. Thanks guys, I sorted it out and edited the answer in my original post. I think I'll just leave this post up incase anyone else has a similar issue!
  2. This is my first time trying a private server. I have followed the instructions carefully on your Connection Guide tab and have a downloaded version that launches properly. My problem is that when I go to log in, I get a message saying my account info is not valid. This is when I enter my username (Jimmer, as stated to use in your guide). I did try to use my email just to see what happens and it moves me forward to the next page, essentially logged in, however it shows an update screen, which I assume I should not let happen (and it doesn't appear to be making progress if I leave it regardless). Both notifications are attached as photos. Just for the record, I am running on Mac OS Mojave through Wineskin. I'm so close! Any help would be greatly appreciated. EDIT WITH SOLUTION: I made sure I had the realm list set correctly and then went to wtf/config.wtf and also changed set realm list there. Since I am on Mac running through Wineskin, I then had to create a new skin for the WoW client since I had edited it. This time when I ran it, the logon worked! See you in there 😛