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    Greetings, I have some suggestions to share with the Staff and also with other players (mostly PvP ones): 1. PvP Ladder fix - the PvP ladder is not transparent at all. Top 3v3 and Top 5v5 teams are non-existent and they occupy almost half of the page screen. My suggestion: Make a feature with the option (drop down) where you can choose the desired bracket (I mean e.g show 2v2 teams, 3v3 teams etc. ) and do not show all three brackets in once. This, showing all three brackets. may reflect a negative picture for newcomers, as they instantly see that there is absolutely no activity in the 3's and 5's brackets. - Only the top 5 teams are visible. Well, I can understand the fact that in the first weeks there were only a few teams, so showing only 5 teams had a legit reason. I saw an increase in the team numbers, so I would suggest showing at least 10 teams there (this will also reflect a higher arena activity for newcomers, visitors) -Regarding HKs, it says TOP 20, but actually you can only see the TOP 10 HK's on the ladder. This is only a small mistake, but personally I think it shows an unprofessional handling of the website and content, which can be a negative sign for new players. Either change it to TOP 10 and then list the top 10 players, or leave TOP 20, but list the actual top 20 players there. 2. Arena -First of all, I would like to see some arena promotion events, or arena activity rewards (at least while the activity grows a bit and stabilizes). When you were promoting the server (before launch) you promised us PvP events. I did not see a single one yet. I know that the server has mostly a PvE orientation, but still, the more diversification, the more players. I also know that the priority now is Naxx and Naxx tweaking, but still, few events or brain-storming won't hurt anyone. - Arena spectator implementation (I'm not sure if it is implemented or not, but I did not see any spectator NPC in-game). This could increase the desire for joining the arena among players. - Starting MMR issue. Well this is a bit more complicated "issue". You decreased the starting personal and team MMR to 1000. This would be a really nice strategy if the activity would be way higher than what it is now. The problem (in my opinion) with this is the fact that due to very low activity, even if you try hard, you are not able (or nearly impossible) to reach the circa 1700 rating to get at least the Deadly accessories with the current activity. Why? Because by decreasing the starting MMR to 1000, the casual PvP players (who only play 10 matches/week to get the AP and then disband their team) are usually not reaching even 1200 MMR. The players who are wishing the get Deadly items are struggling to reach the required MMR for those items because the system (due to MMR difference) will prioritize the matchmaking with the high MMR teams. In order to understand this, here is an example: Let's say your team and personal rating is around 1500 MMR. You are willing to push it to 1700. You are in que whole day long, but even if there are some casual teams (1200 or below) in the que, you will anyway face the higher MMR teams (1800 one). We had cases when a new team was in que, we also were in que 30 minutes but the system just did not matched us with them. This is legit in some perspective, but in the case of this server is a problem because higher MMR teams will only farm you and you have absolutely no possibility to face a lower ranked team and get some + points. The issue itself comes from the fact that starting MMR was decreased but the intervals were not adjusted. Either you adjust the matchmaking intervals (so you will face any enemy from 1000-2000 MMR without waiting and restrictions) or you adjust the MMR gain/loss. For example if you lose to an 1800 MMR team on 1500 rating, currently you lose 8 points, but if you win against them you only got 11-12. If you beat an 1200 MMR team on 1500 you get also get 8-10 points. This were the standard values on retail, I understand it, but by decreasing the starting MMR to 1000, it really complicates thing, because the gain values are still based on the system where you start from 1500 and reaching the required MMR of Deadly items, let's say 1750 MMR is only a 250 MMR path while on this server the path is 750 MMR. I'm not asking to decrease the required MMR for Deadly items, or increase the starting MMR because that would not be a proper solution, but adjusting the matchmaking rules and adjusting the MMR loss/gain to the correct interval may solve this issue (gain and loss is still based on a system where you start from 1500 MMR, as it was on retail if i'm not mistaken). I'm not sure if you understand my whole theory, but maybe other players who play arena more actively can explain this better (sry, I'm not native English). - Organizing small arena tournaments, 2v2 or 1v1 with rewards (customized titles, mounts or maybe some gold, arena points) 3. World Pvp/ Battlegrounds/ Wintergrasp -regarding Battlegrounds I have no suggestions because in the last two weeks I see a very nice increase in activity and the faction win-loss ratio is started to be balanced. -World PvP is kinda dead. (I would not list here the gank of some lowbies because even if that could be frustrating, it is a part of WoW). Suggestion: Events. Events like 40vs40 Ally.vs.Horde, or 20 Paladins vs. 20 DKs (just an example, you can choose other classes as well, but as I saw Ally PvP is full of paladins and Horde is full of DK's 😄 ). -Wintergrasp. Well, WG also started to balance out, I mean is still mostly stomped by Alliance, but lately I've participated in some very events WGs. Maybe the solution here is waiting. I mean its on a good path, so there is a chance that it will balance itself. Maybe you can increase the honor gain/ mark gain for horde if they win WG, but I'm not sure this would be a good solution in long term. The wall of text above is way more than what players usually read. Sorry for it, but wanted to share some thoughts with you guys. Feel free to criticize it, add other suggestions, do some brain storming and help our Staff to improve the PvP activity on this nice server ^_^. Cheers, Mental
  2. If there are any other polls regarding these, please delete it. I did not see any.