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  1. I sent a ticket in the game and when I relog the ban was removed
  2. Account/Character Name: Nimbus/Moonclair When you discovered that you are banned?: today(23/08/19) 14:17 Ban Reason (Ask GM for reason before posting appeal): not sure why i got this I opened a tiket in the game but until now no answer (maybe it was carbonite sharing party quest data). Your explanation: i was levelling with a a player I had just met on the server and writing in group chat with him when i was banned. Proof of innocence (If you have any):
  3. Ninja's name: Lazycow Main spec = Group role: Feral (dps) Item stolen: Spectral Kris Party members: Darmood(dps), Lixiar(healer), Holycurves(tank), Bobunga(dps), Lazycow(dps) I don't have each player's dungeon role screenshot because players left the group very fast. I forgot to screenshot the the ninja's Talents Panel but i have the recount log screen with the main spells used to dps all the three boss, hope is enough.