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  1. Noxious

    Ninja Reporting Criteria

    It's a valid concern. The question I'd have in response to this is: What are the player's goals with RDF? What do they intend to do with the gear they get from there, main-spec wise, after they're geared enough? Do they intend to heal or DPS in raids or PvP? The main items that are issues (since they're basically free-for-all) are rings, trinkets, cloaks, necklaces and weapons (for the most part). That's where ninja-ing will be the most obvious. When this thing goes into effect, the part where it's listed in the rules will redirect to a separate topic that will explain every type of ninja-ing in detail: ninja-ing something that has stats which are useless to you, and so on. The challenge here is to have all bases covered before we launch it; there's no room for ambiguity. That's why I'm taking a look at all the RDF loot, as painful as that might be. I'd like this system to be available in low-level dungeons too, but due to the vast quantity of them, it'll only be for HC RDF at the start, and we'll see if there's anything we missed once the system has been out for a bit.
  2. Noxious

    Pvp season

    Oopsie 😛
  3. Noxious

    VIP "1month"

    "progressive" is Blizzlike. Nonetheless, instant log-out would break the game in terms of world PvP, horde x alliance chat, if we'd ever do it, we'd do it for the whole server instead of premium, and sending mail between Horde and Alliance is unnecessary. Until this week, everyone seemed just fine with the cross-faction Auction House.
  4. Noxious

    End of PvP Season - Time

    It's apparently very hard to find a real proper time of season rollover on the internet, but they all seem to point to happening during their weekly maintenance, which is generally in the very early hours of the morning, just like we plan on doing it. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/12801592 "I hope you care more about players from the EU than NA" We care about all players equally.
  5. Noxious

    Focusing on PVP scene

  6. Noxious

    Ulduar: Release Time

    ? The season reward cutoff ends the morning of Wednesday April 24, and the new season begins on the same night as Ulduar right now. Are we meant to have Season 5 go on indefinitely until mid-summer? Season 6 & Ulduar are closely linked when it comes to ilvl.
  7. The following rule: Asking to be kicked out of an RDF party will result in a temporary ban. Random Dungeon Finder offers players bonus rewards an increase in damage, health and healing as a trade-off for not being able to pick the dungeon you end up in. If you don't get the dungeon you want, leave the party and wait for the Deserter debuff to expire. Has been updated to: Asking to be kicked out of an RDF party is punishable. If you ask to be kicked, and after three minutes, you have not left the dungeon in one way or the other, you will be temporarily banned. Random Dungeon Finder offers players bonus rewards an increase in damage, health and healing as a trade-off for not being able to pick the dungeon you end up in. If you don't get the dungeon you want, leave the party and wait for the Deserter debuff to expire. Please submit print-screens of the game with chat timestamps activated or the report will be discarded!
  8. Noxious

    xfaction bgs

    Hurii's Discord announcement: Due to many questions: Update 04.17 (today) has disabled xFaction battlegrounds due to many issues that was caused by "fake" packets to cheat the whole game faction system and in final results as wow criticals etc. I decided to disable them for good. The changelog is going to be at website soon to prevent questions like that.
  9. Noxious

    Constant spam from gold sellers!

    It actually is (or was?) turned on, and they just leveled to 20 and continued their crusade the bastards
  10. Noxious

    xfaction bgs

    Will investigate.
  11. Noxious

    Pvp season

    Given how very banned they are, no.
  12. Noxious

    End of PvP Season Rollout

    Was pointed out that I forgot to state the % of matches a player needs to have played in the team to be eligible for the reward. The percentage is 60%.
  13. Noxious

    PvP Season

    Hi, As per Blizzard's own specifications of rewards, here is how they do it: 1 <Season name> Gladiator † Top in the bracket (One for 2v2/3v3/5v5) 2 Gladiator* Top 0.5% 3 Duelist 0.5% - 3.0% 4 Rival 3% - 10% 5 Challenger 10% - 35% If we were to follow their reward scheme, only the top 1-2 teams would be eligible to take the first four titles as of right now. That would be ridiculous. The minimum required rating of 1900 would generally be 2000, but due to the low activity of arenas it is lowered to 1900 for this season. Whether you believe someone is a good player or not is irrelevant. The numbers are what matter. No one on retail is being exempt from rewards when they get boosted to a good rating (unless they pay real money for the boost, but that's an entirely different matter). Not everyone gets the mount. Challenger-rank players are, per Blizzard, supposed to also get the mount. But due to the low activity of arena this season only the title will be awarded. Whoever is over 1900 rating but in the bottom 5 of the top 20 will have to use these last days before reset to try and climb up to the top 15 for the mount. I don't understand the outrage at awarding fifteen teams with mounts. Only (on average) 30 players will own the mount. That is rare, we're not a 50 player server. Arena is already badly designed by Blizzard (reward-wise) as it is, it doesn't need further gatekeeping.
  14. Noxious

    Pvp season

  15. Hello everyone, PvP Season 5 is coming to an end soon. Here are the details of how rewards are going to be distributed: Final day of the season: Wednesday, April 24th Arena teams & arena points wipe: Saturday, April 28th Base requirement to qualify for rewards: Arena team rating over and including 1900 (regardless of bracket). Rewards: Top of the ladder (1st place) Deadly Gladiator title, Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm Places 2-5: Gladiator title, Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm Place 6-10: Duelist title, Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm Places 11-15: Rival title, Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm Places 16-20: Challenger title You have one week and four days left to fight for these placements. This rewarding scheme will only be applicable for this season (Season 5). A different rewarding scheme will be employed for Seasons 6-8, one that will place more emphasis on 3v3 rather than 2v2. We also have changes coming to the arena experience with Season 6 that aim to increase arena activity and fun; stay tuned for news soon. Kind regards, Noxious