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  1. New rules: Ninja-ing in RDF is not allowed. Please read all the stickied topics in THIS section for more information on how to report a ninja, as well as information on what we define as ninja-ing. Raid leaders have the responsibility to announce loot rules (DKP, Loot Council, reserved loot etc.) before engaging the first boss of the instance. If the raid leader does not announce the rules, it is your responsibility to ask them to do so in the raid chat. If the raid leader still does not announce the rules, then we will see the raid loot rules as Need(Mainspec)>Offspec>Greed/Disenchant by default when dealing with potential ninja reports from that group. This means that if you are the raid leader, and you do not announce loot rules in advance of the first boss being engaged, then you send an item into a player's bag without Need>Offspec>Greed/Disenchant, it will count as ninja-ing. To keep things as secure as possible, I urge everyone (especially the raid leader) to take uncropped screenshots that show the loot rules being explained in the chat log.
  2. That's weird; the error states that it's asking for roughly 9MB which you don't have. Memory leak? How many GB RAM do you have
  3. We've got more info coming out tonight. What I can say is the following: Patch 3.2 part 1 (Onyxia, TOC dungeon and the smaller stuff like new profession recipes) will come either July 17 or 24. We'll have a date ready very soon. TOTC and the next arena season will come the following week (with this current arena season ending when Onyxia comes out) We do expect this patch to also be short-ish, so we're looking at maybe doubling the amount of arena points flushed each week if that's the case. In terms of "new" timeline, just subtract whatever weeks we skipped over the course of the timeline and you can predict when the next tier will come out. TOTC will probably be about 10 weeks as well, +/- 1. In terms of plans for arena titles for the current season, that information is definitely coming out tonight. Honor points will not be reset this time. We are aware of the refund issue, which is why we're releasing the next season a week apart from this current season's end. Look out on Discord and the Announcements section on the forum for the news.
  4. Yep, all good 😉 Just don't level two characters at the same time!
  5. Noxious


    We aren't pretending to be Blizzard. Multiboxing has been clearly prohibited since we launched. It is your own responsibility to read the rules. "Do you know how hard is it to level on this server" is a moot point when we have 3x rates, RAF available for 6x if you have a friend, as well a bi-monthly double XP events that assure you still get double XP pretty frequently even if you have no friends.
  6. In terms of gold spam it's gotten pretty quiet lately, mostly due to the 3 banning crusades a day we've been running on the bastards, so banning letters might not be necessary if we're lucky and they don't come back in force. For number 2, our two new GMs have been ravenous against bots, to the point that I actually have free time to do something else, so I'd put it on the backburner with number 1 as well For number 3: I am planning on announcing that we will be stopping Alliance -> Horde transfers very soon. That would mean that only free Horde -> Alliance transfers would remain available. Would you suggest we keep it that way, or open donation-powered transfers like you wrote above?
  7. Was this issue resolved? If not, what is you character name.
  8. - Fix crash when spectator is entering arena from outdoor pvp zone. - Fix blood pool position in Blood is Thicker quest. - Fix Seaforium Depth Charge sometimes failing because of combat (Bury those Cockroaches quest). - Roanauk Icemist script corrections (shouldn't get stuck randomly). - Players will auto attack when they have queued heroic strike/cleave and not enough rage for it. - Vesperon aura (Twilight Torment) won't target pets. - Explosive Trap damage won't be updated dynamically. - Conflagrate delay reduced. - Corrections to threat generated by Replenishment and Innervate. - Properly update player data on restore. - Corrections to chain pulling. - Another try to fix arena frames - Razorgore script rewrite. - Fix Illidan elementals going crazy. - Fix event after 'The Love Potion' quest. - Fix for dissapearing pets. - Fix Savagery proccing on other spells than Savage Rend. - Fix Glyph of Scourge strike not refreshing all three diseases sometimes. - Correct spawns for "The Echo of Ymiron" quest. - Add missing Stormjewel drop from fishing bags. - Fix RaF mob xp when one person dies. - Fix deleting two items in same slot when new one appears after deleting first one. - Savage Weapons have been introduced into the game. They will cost 68k honor and have no rating requirement. We hope this will function as catch-up gear for those who haven't yet started PvP-ing due to the gear barrier set up by Blizzard's archaic system. - Deadly Weapons have be re-introduced into the game. They will cost 16,800 honor and 475 arena points, with no rating required. - Furious Back slot items require no arena rating and cost 60k honor. - Furious Chests rating reduced by 50 points. - Furious Helms rating reduced by 50 points and cost reduced by 150 arena points. - Furious Legs rating reduced by 100 points. - Furious Boots rating reduced by 100 points. - Furious Rings require no arena rating and cost 52k honor. - Furious Gloves rating reduced by 200 points. - Furious Neck items require no arena rating and cost 49,600 honor. - Furious Wands, Idols, Librams, Sigils, Totems and Thrown cost 12k honor, 700 arena points, and have had their rating reduced to 1350. - Furious Belts require 50 less arena rating, and cost 39400 honor. - Furious Bracers require no rating, and cost 43330 honor. Any other items not mentioned above have not had any changes done to them. The current rating curve now looks as such: - Cloak, Ring, Necklace, Bracers: 0 - Thrown, Wands, Librams, Totems, Sigils, Idols: 1350 - Hands, Feet, Waist: 1400 - Legs: 1600 - Chest: 1700 - Head: 1850 - T1 Weapons: 1850 (unchanged) - Shoulders: 2050 (unchanged) - T2 Weapons: 2350 (unchanged)
  9. Please make an in-game ticket and we will restore the quest for you.
  10. You were flagged by our automated anti-spam system. I have unmuted you 😉 The system is pretty sensitive a some things, so you probably triggered it by accident: too many whispers/messages in a single minute, using phrases like "buy gold" or "[x] delivery" etc.
  11. Noxious

    UI Compare gear

    Ok, sec, if I recall, being able to compare items that are just linked in chat wasn't a thing in WOTLK (someone else feel free to correct me on this). I recall that one could only compare gear if they could hover over the physical item.
  12. Noxious

    Acc banned?

    What's your character name?
  13. I'll go through these one by one: I've talked with Hurii about stuff like 2-step authentication. For now, we're thinking of going full on the e-mail confirmation part, which was a bit wonky before but if we manage to implement it in a way that e-mails don't get lost in the deepest, darkest corner of people's e-mail accounts, that would be great. In terms of 2-step authentication, Hurii doesn't think it'll do too much to stop bots, but still worth considering and discussing the pros and cons of it. Level 40 whisper restriction - I believe we had it on for a while, but it didn't do much; however, with me logging in twice a day for the sole purpose of screening the server for bots, it might make it easier to catch the gold selling whisperers if we put this back in. Stay tuned. Preventing capital letter usage in posts - Not sure if it's possible to implement, and also not sure if it would stop the bots; the reason they're using it right now it so it enters your eyes more dramatically, but they could probably still send the message just as well by using small case letters. Fine, I'll create the damn subreddit! N'zoth help us. When you mention the Discourse system, I assume this would be for the in-game? Cause if it's for the in-game, out biggest issue is I'm pretty sure we can't give accounts just the .mute command without automatically having them be flagged as GM accounts (which could have... devastating ramifications); and as far as I know the only workaround to that would be giving the .mute command to all level 0 accounts, which basically means the entire playerbase. Class Discussions Forum -> Fine :< But I'm only making a "Guides" section, not one for each class; it'll get used much less that one might think, but it should still be enough to redirect people here if the topic names are good enough. Create Addon DB compatible with 3.3.5 - So like, Atlasloot but you can query more stuff? Faction Transfer Utilities for Automated Balanced - Please expand on this, you've got costs listed there, but all of our transfers are free (and not automated so we can enforce the minimum 2k HKs for Alliance->Horde)