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  1. Account/Character Name: Mestize/Umon When you discovered that you are banned?: 6th of July Ban Reason: I was caught using Flyhack, I deserved it Well, no proof of innocence here. It is not actually a ban appeal It's just a simple request, from a guilty friend. My roommate , on the 6th of July, showed me this Server asking me if we wanted to play together. We made our accounts, started playing, linked ourselves with recruit a friend, then I did the shit and since i'm a fucktard I decided to use hacks to overlevel him without him knowing. Well, we share a flat since we're students, and at the moment he's pissed he can't play anymore because I had the IP banned for both of us. I was just wondering if we could keep my account banned and unban the IP. I know that this will mean letting me the chance to play too (his account name is Mariuolo, by the way) and I don't deserve it ,but I was wondering if something could be done. Plus i'll be leaving this house soon going back to my parent's so that would be it. Thanks sirs Regards