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  1. <United Crooks of America> is open for recruitment and will accept anyone as a trial who wishes to be a part of our community. We're currently 9/9 HMs for 10m Ulduar and currently pushing more in our 25m groups. All exceptional players are encouraged to speak with officers to secure a raid spot to help us push 25m hard modes and Algalon. We will introduce applications to round out our last 25m raid spots in the near future before ToC releases as we plan to push for server firsts on ToC and Ony. All horde players are encouraged to faction change to the good guys. Additionally, all new players to the server are welcome to seek asylum in our guild and we'll assist with gearing you up if needed. Our guild is predominantly NA which means most of our raiding will happen around 2am server time (7pm CST). This is subject to change, but all EU players must be warned before joining. The server is in a really good place to join. There's plenty of time to get geared up and compete in Ulduar content even for new or returning players. Let's rally together and make sure OmegaWoW stays competitive as the most exciting 3.3.5 server out there. Please visit: https://unitedcrooks.squarespace.com/ (pw: crook) for more info. -Rugs