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  1. I honestly don't understand what you're trying to say. If any GM is actually interested I do have a recording of the fight I can provide. And no, I will not be sharing it to you - doesn't seem worth my while to satisfy your needs.
  2. Want me to screenshot that you weren't doing the strats we explained? Because your own screenshots shows you misspositioned from all other melee DPS, so you've kind of provided the evidence yourself.
  3. I'm afraid you might be a little confused here. We explained in the run beforehand how to play the fight and you went out of your way to do precisely the opposite, which was the reason we kicked you. Furthermore, you're renowned on the server for randomly kicking people in runs. Our guild master was kicked by you from an EoE25 run (without making any mistakes) because you wanted to keep all tank items in your own guild. Also, generally a bad idea to talk shit about a guild and threaten them afterwards if you want to stay legitimate.