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  1. Ianwrym


    Still think the moment you messed up was when you gave them $9, fam
  2. Nonetheless, I'm not seeing it as much of an incentive to actually participate. On the other hand, if there were a way to implement the "Enlistment Bonus" style of buff that WoW retail had, where the faction with fewer players in PvP would get a 50% bonus in honor / token gains, then...-Maybe- it would coerce people into it?
  3. I'm uh...Not seeing how making transmog costs only marginally cheaper would be enough of an incentive to get the Horde to PvP more. Honestly, it kinda sounds more like you're holding transmog for ransom until they start to PvP more, which tbh probably isn't doing y'all any favors.
  4. Yeah, because the old players are too preoccupied with accusations and waving their E-peen at each other, rather than playing and enjoying a game that costs them literally nothing but time. Meanwhile us new players are just glad to be playing.
  5. Can confirm, Alioli is a massive D-bag who will try to wipe groups if he and his buddies don't get their way.