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  1. in addition to the classes/specs listed in the OP, we can fit the following in our 25 man raids: frost death knight retribution paladin feral (cat) druid restoration shaman (w/ ele or enh OS) warlocks
  2. LF players who can meet a certain standard to kill bosses with ease in Ulduar
  3. Seeking: Ele, Arms, Shadow. All exceptional players, regardless of class/spec, are encouraged to apply.
  4. We've filled our tanking role but ended up with an opening for one exceptional Elemental Shaman.
  5. We had some setbacks tonight with some d-bag main tank gquitting 20 minutes before invites went out but we one shot 3-Drakes on 25 man and cleared Naxx/EoE in one night regardless. We have an immediate opening for one Protection Warrior or Feral (Bear) Druid and we're still recruiting some stellar ranged dps (warlocks, mages, etc) and maybe a frost DK and a rogue.
  6. We killed KT and Malygos last night putting us at realm third/NA first. Recruiting for the long farm and 3 Drakes to finish the tier completely.