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  1. Bloodshed

    2 Bots

    So I just saw Aith at lvl 71 in Nagrand, still botting, so uhm... is botting legal now?
  2. Bloodshed

    2 Bots

    Found another one, seems like leveling mining really lets me spot them His name is Krak and he's botting the Hazzali southwest in Tanaris
  3. Bloodshed

    2 Bots

    I tracked him down, he seems more advanced, walking to some power crystal spawn locations and collecting them, trying to ignore mobs When he pulls aggro, he turns around and does his mindless rota which seems to be more sustain His name is Pokezxd
  4. Bloodshed

    2 Bots

    Sup, found two bots (Awnenen and Aith) in thousand Needles, lvl 40 Druids killing Silithid with same mechanical behaviour, faery fire pull, default rota, Rejuv + Regrowth when below 50% Hp, run straight line to next mob or shapeshift into travelform til they find another mob and then repeat They are both now stuck at a mob which they cannot reach Saw Pokezxd with same behaviour aswell, only saw him killing two mobs though as he went through to Tanaris, lvl 51 druid, but can't confirm if he's a bot or not