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  1. Server will launch on 25th January? What's the time??

    1. Hurii


      19:00 GMT + 1

    2. Cryptonic


      Thank you! :)

  2. Cryptonic

    Beta #2 Bug reports

    1. In Terokkar Forest those 5 towers are bugged. How it is bugged? Every 6:00 Hours is starting then you can capture it back. But there is a problem, when the time is 0:00 5 towers are controlled by that faction, i mean If horde control it, horde has 5 towers, it should go back to 0.. 0 towers for Alliance, 0 towers for Horde too. I saw when you restarted the server it already started. It should go back to 6:00 Hours. Example: If me (horde) controlled all towers and half of hour it is already gone (5:30 Hours) for example, it starting, not going back to 6:00 Hours. I think you understand what i said here. 2. Halaa bugged aswell, when you capture it and restart the server, it's gray, not controlled by that faction. I hope you will fix those bugs. Thank you! :)
  3. it was so fun, actually i found a bug...