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  1. Hi there, It appears that you were banned due to unjust dungeon kicking. This ban will stay until it expires in 7 Hours and 15 minutes. Best regards, GM Shepherd
  2. Morning, Thank you for providing the requested information, your inquiry is currently being dealt with. Best regards, GM Shepherd
  3. Hi there, Could you two provide me with your character names, please? Best regards, GM Shepherd
  4. Hi, The player has been properly sanctioned, thank you for the report. Furthermore, we highly discourage players to be toxic, since it is affecting other players. Best regards, GM Shepherd
  5. Shepherd

    2 Bots

    Hi Orthrin, Rest assured, these were dealt with at the time, but the topic didn't get a proper reply and we are deeply sorry for that. Best regards, GM Shepherd
  6. Shepherd


    Hi, Thank you for the reports, bots will be dealt with after the investigation. Best regards, GM Shepherd
  7. Shepherd

    Ninja report

    Hello there, I am sorry to inform you that you have posted the report in the wrong section. However, I am moving this topic in the section more suited for it and will look further into this case. Thank you for your report. Best regards, GM Shepherd
  8. Shepherd

    DL Link is dead ..

    Thank you for reaching out to us. We acknowledged the issue. Rest assured the download link will be up and running soon, sorry for the inconvenience. Best regards, GM Shepherd
  9. To be honest, you didn't deserve the mute at all. It should be fixed now, you are unmuted. GL&HF Best regards, GM Shepherd
  10. Shepherd

    Ban appeal Johallord

    This account will stay banned. Feel free to create another account and level legitimately.
  11. I believe it was removed off gcd sharing in 3.3.0, but I must check it further.
  12. Shepherd

    Triple boxer

    Thank you for the report, it will be dealt with accordingly.
  13. Thank you for the effort it took to come and report them with the evidence, we will deal with them.
  14. Casinos were not illegal on retail, nor they are here. Participating in them is at your own risk.