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  1. Shepherd


    Yes, he's that warrior that afks in Dalaran ! :) Welcome back.
  2. Shepherd


    - :shepherd: - :notbadjpg: - :omegalul: :noxious:
  3. Okay now that's strange, to be honest I didn't encounter that but perhaps @Hurii can clarify it ?
  4. Most likely happens because some hordie decides to queue up and leave once the queue pops, so you end up joining the battleground in which he never entered and that's the reason you don't see anybody leaving :)
  5. Shepherd

    Grant a level

    Your RaF buddy can grant it to any character on your account. :)
  6. Shepherd

    3 friends can't use refer a friend ?

    Try connecting in this particular order: 1 > 2, 2 > 3, 3 > 4, 4 > 5, 5 > 1
  7. Shepherd

    Can't connect to the server

    Sounds like some simple ipconfig /flushdns would solve your issue.
  8. Shepherd

    Chovinism by one player

    If you can't get along with someone we cannot punish anyone for that, since you can /ignore the player.
  9. I will add the solution to common problems and solutions list im making.
  10. Shepherd

    Returning Player!! Woot! ROLL!!

    Welcome back! Hope you find your old crew and meet some new ones ofcourse !
  11. Shepherd

    Gde cemo i kako cemo ?

    Vidim da vecina vas pita po discordu gde ce vecina igrati, tako da je zatrazeno da se napravi glasanje, da ljudi vide na cemu smo, alijansa ili horda? sta ce biti ?
  12. Shepherd

    We are back !!!

    Kaljavi potok crew lol
  13. Shepherd

    Hello OmegaWoW

    From which rabbit hole did u crawl up from ? glad to see youre back... Will you be playing ?
  14. Shepherd


    Sup Nox :)