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  1. Shepherd

    Ban appeal Johallord

    This account will stay banned. Feel free to create another account and level legitimately.
  2. Shepherd

    destu warlock spell rules

    I believe it was removed off gcd sharing in 3.3.0, but I must check it further.
  3. Shepherd

    character stuck

    Dealt with.
  4. Shepherd

    Triple boxer

    Thank you for the report, it will be dealt with accordingly.
  5. Shepherd

    Bot report - Ralov

    Thank you for the effort it took to come and report them with the evidence, we will deal with them.
  6. Shepherd

    Triharder Running Casino

    Casinos were not illegal on retail, nor they are here. Participating in them is at your own risk.
  7. Shepherd


    That means that you should log in using username not email.
  8. Shepherd


    What you'll have to do is: Right click on your World of Warcraft folder, go to Properties, and uncheck "Read-only" from the whole folder.
  9. Shepherd

    Bot Report - Felor 70 NElf Druid

    This will be dealt with accordingly, we thank you for your effort.
  10. Shepherd


    Welcome back ! Hope to see you in more PvP events :)
  11. Shepherd

    Legron is HERE

    Yet another cow, welcome 🙂
  12. Shepherd

    Abuse of dungeon kick command

    I don't see any reason why they should of kicked you here, also I do not have a solid proof it is because of the item...
  13. Shepherd

    Taming The Beast

    Did you abandon the first pet ?
  14. Shepherd

    Faction change service ?

    It has not been discussed, but it is possible for Faction change to be added in the unknown future. :)
  15. Shepherd


    Yes, he's that warrior that afks in Dalaran ! :) Welcome back.