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  1. Hi, I contacted the GM who banned me and he directed me here. This is the extent of our private conversation: "Hi Tyrael, Apologies for the delayed appeal, our power went out for 20 minutes. You tried to speak to me in-game but they were my first characters and I could not reply, and so I tried to gesture with emotes that I was muted. My response was going to be: "Hi Tyrael, I am logged into two characters and was considering whether I could multibox or not, and I was looking on the forums when you contacted me to check whether the server allowed it." - Please accept my sincerest apologies for the mix up, I did not intend to break any server rules as I have a keen interest in what seems to be a fantastic server. If I could please ask with great humility for you to unblock my account, I would love to continue my journey on your server. Thank you for your consideration, and again please accept my sincerest apologies for any offence I may have unwittingly committed. " And in adherence with your ban appeal template I have provided my own: - Account/Character Name: Sylvan - When you discovered that you are banned? Like an hour ago whilst in game. - Ban Reason: Suspected Dualboxing. - Your Explanation: I had two characters online in the same place, and was considering whether dualboxing was allowed on OmegaWoW, however while I was searching the forum a GM contacted me asking if I was. However, because it was my first character I was unable to respond to his messages to explain myself, resulting in a ban. Proof of Innocence: Please ask Tyrael to confirm my story, I hadn't actually commenced in any activity that broke server rules. I apologise for considering to, but I was in the process of checking when I was banned. Thank you for your consideration. Sylvan.